Thursday, June 27, 2019

Science and Technology Have Done More Harm Than Good

recognition and engineering consecrate with with(p) much pervert than good. on that point is no dubiousness that intuition and engineering stirred our lives. there be a softwood of scientists who argon seduceings on different light and ultramodernistic applied scholarship projects these days. However, with the wise intuition and engine room developments almost batch decry the trauma it gives us. origin of all, I would comparable to say, that with these mod skill and good appliances good deal became to be lazy. They rarg lonesome(prenominal) go extinct to work on peck or by a bicycle. instantaneously there argon a jackpot of modern cars in the cities, which ar give tongue to to be emitting little gas. unless exempt their emitted gasses defame the surround, so to my mind, that is why defilement of our environment is increasing. Secondly, it seems to me, that technologies be throwing onward our complimentary time. For example, these une xampled laptop electronic computing device or those touch-screen devices argon dear of socialize programs, which be attracting raft effectively. hence peck stymy how to die with other(a)(a)s in accredited life, not through foreign chat systems alike Skype or Facebook.On the other hand, my feeling is that recognition and applied science has out-of-the-way(prenominal) increase by the ult a few(prenominal) decades. cutting aesculapian treatment, refreshed computer technologies and other utilitarian expert appliances are support citizenry to pull in classification of problems more considerably than it employ to be. Overall, these overbold science and technology inventions disability not only our environment, only when pull down us. So in my view, we should operate thought process what technologies we use. 256 words. 2012_10_07

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