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Housing in Metropolitan America Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Housing in Metropolitan America - Term Paper Example This will eventually affect the entire nation’s reputation. The government’s failure to solve this problem will surely result to a growing number of homeless people. Socio-Economic Aspects Owning a house requires a large amount of investment, mostly, ranging from two to four times of a person’s annual income. One third of the United States households are renters. There are only a few, who are capable of acquiring a home at this point in time where the US economic condition remains stagnant (Gabyion n.pag.). It has always been the dream of the American people to live in a house of their own. Today this dream seems to become impossible. The reason is that jobs in America are seldom to be found, not because of people’s inaccuracy but because jobs are not enough for everybody. If no jobs are available then owning a house is still an unclear vision. The incapacity of people to afford inflated home prices is undeniable even to those who are employed, hardly figu ring out how to budget expenses that includes the payment of high priced houses (Snyder n.pag.). Figure 1 In Figure 1, the graph shows a difference between the rate of increase in nominal home prices and nominal rents from the year 1983-2009. The number of home owners increased to an amount that is a bit smaller from the increase in house prices. The increase in house prices and home owners should have been the same (â€Å"Housing Bubble Graphs† n.pag.). There are about 30 million households in America that are experiencing housing difficulties, almost half of the households are listed to receive government aid, but then only 4.1 million are able to acquire these benefits. There are only 76 rental units available for occupancy...This paper outlines the importance of the provision of the affordable housing units to American people in the aftermath of financial crisis. It is shown in the paper, that this problem is of high importance, that involves the welfare of everyone in Am erica. Houses, not only provide shelter to an individual, but also measure one’s financial capacity. It is one of the basic needs of man that allows him to survive in this constantly changing world. Many people are struggling to budget their finances to pay for their necessities, including the amount of money paid for home rental, much more when it comes to buying a house. A big number of homeless people in the U.S. might sound unusual, for some this indicates poverty. While helping the less fortunate countries to develop, the government is unable to deal with the concerns of its own nation, like providing enough affordable housing units to the low income earners. If this situation worsens, many citizens will be affected that will become a major problem of the government. Owning a house requires a large amount of investment, mostly, ranging from two to four times of a person’s annual income. One third of the United States households are renters. There are only a few, who are capable of acquiring a home at this point in time where the US economic condition remains stagnant There is an urgent need for policies that will help regulate the availability of affordable housing units, most importantly to those who deserves to avail of it, the poor families and the low income earners.

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Capital of Texas: Austin | Impact of Capitalization

Capital of Texas: Austin | Impact of Capitalization Claudia De La Fuente Austin became the capital of Texas after Mirabeau B. Lamar was elected President of the Republic of Texas. President Lamar moved the capital city from Houston to Waterloo, a city which in 1839 he renamed Austin in honor of Stephen F. â€Å"who, though he has gone into history books with the rather grand title of â€Å"impresario,† was in reality little more than a glorified real estate developer† (Lomax 1). Austin was chosen as the capital of Texas over more thriving cities because of many factors, one of them being its geographical location. Austin is located in the central part of Texas, where President Lamar believed the republic ´s population would eventually expand. Austin ´s central location made it easier for people from all over Texas to move and settle in that area. Another factor that contributed to President Lamar ´s decision to move the capital city was to escape the fevers that plagued residents of the republic ´s coastal areas. Austin ´s mild climate compared to Houston ´s humid climate was another reason why Lamar chose Austin as the capital city of Texas, since its great climate would attract more people to settle there. Another reason why Austin was chosen as the capital of Texas was because no one could have predicted the future of Austin or the significance of Houston ´s economic and cultural contributions to Texas. At the time, both Houston and Austin w ere just beginning to grow, it would have been impossible for the president or anyone to predict the insignificant number of medical and cultural happenings present in Austin compared to Houston’s. After being chosen the capital city of Texas, Austin experienced many changes on its economy, population, and culture. After Austin became the capital of Texas, its population started to increase. As more people from all over Texas started moving and settling in the capital, the cost of living in that area must have increased. As a result of the increase in demand for property started, the prices of those properties began to increase as well. Austin ´s growing population attracted entrepreneurs who started new businesses in the capital. These new businesses helped improve Austin ´s economy by providing more job opportunities. After Austin became the capital of Texas, the government started investing more on Austin ´s education. As evidence of these is the fact that the best university in the state of Texas is located in Austin. The government also started investing more in Austin ´s culture by building museums, theaters, and parks that would attract more people to come and vi sit the capital or even settle there. The fact that Austin is the capital of Texas provides a great amount of profit to the city since it attracts many people from all over Texas and the rest of the country to visit the city and spend their money on the city ´s businesses and attractions. As the city of Austin started to grow and its education and economy started to improve, more and more people from other parts of the country and the world started moving to Austin. This wave of immigrants has helped shape Austin ´s culture, since people who come from other parts of the world or the country and settle in Austin bring with them different traditions that have remained part of Austin ´s culture. As expected after Austin became Texas’ capital its population has increased over the years and Austin ´s culture is very diverse. We are looking forward to a greater development and that at some point Austin can be consider a truly capital with no second thought. The political culture that dominates Austin is a combination of traditionalism and individualism. In my opinion individualism dominates Austin ´s political culture because the majority of Austin ´s citizens are republicans; therefore they believe that the government should limit its intervention in the economy to a minimum and they particularly support private businesses. The city of Austin is mostly full of Republican politicians, appointees, lobbyists, and corporate leaders, who mostly care about their businesses and pursue their self-interests instead of considering the public good. Even though Austin has a political culture that is dominated by individualism, its traditionalistic subculture still remains present. I believe this is because even though as years have passed, and the immigration rates had increased, meaning more people from all over the world have settled in Austin, the Anglo population is still the majority group in Austin. Since most of them are conservative and their voter turnout is greater than any other group, traditionalism is still dominant. In a traditionalistic subculture, politicians come from society ´s elite and politics is mostly a competition between rival factions within the elite, these are all characteristics of Republicans. The traditionalistic aspects of Austin ´s politics are exemplified by the low level of voter turnout among minority groups, and the social and economic conservatism present in Austin. As a result, both a traditionalist and individualist subcultures dominates the state capital, and the state as a whole. If more minority groups would vote and make their opinions be heard, maybe Austin would not be dominated by a traditionalist and individualist subculture, and instead it would be dominated by a moralistic subculture, in which the government is more involved in social issues such as education and health, and corruption is less evident. Austin ´s slogan â€Å"Keep Austin Weird†, tries to convey the idea that Austin is a unique and strange city and that anyone who comes in must keep it that way. It is said that the culture of Austin is a mismatch with the rest of the state, I agree with this statement. Since throughout many years, people from other parts of the world, have come to Austin either to study or live there, Austin has a very diverse culture. People who come from other parts of the world and settle in Austin, bring with them different traditions from their countries of origin that have remained in Austin, therefore the city of Austin has been forced to adapt to those cultures and live with them. As a result, Austin ´s culture is not representative of the state of Texas and instead it is a combination of the culture of many different countries. â€Å"Capital cities should be something of a synthesis of the places they represent, but Austin is to Texas what Saint Petersburg was to Imperial Russia: a deplorable conduit for foreign ideas and fashions† (Lomax 3). The fact that Austin is a city full of people from different parts of the world with different political opinions and social status influences Austin ´s political subculture. Even though most of the population of Austin is white, there are still many people of different races with different points of views regarding politics. As a consequence, we find that there are several political subcultures present in Austin making influence on every aspect, which means they have an impact in politics, social and economic matters. For example, most white and wealthy people are most likely to favor an individualistic subculture because in an individualistic subculture the government ´s role in the economy is limited and corruption is tolerated, while members of minority groups are most likely to favor a moralistic subculture because in a moralistic subculture politics revolves around solving social issues and the public good. The state capital should be the most important city in the state of Texas; the city that has an impact, not only within the state but in the whole country. That city should serve as an example for the rest of the cities to follow. I believe that city is Houston, not Austin. Houston ´s medical, economic, and cultural contributions to Texas and the rest of the country, make it the best contender to become the capital city. One of the best hospitals in the state of Texas and the country are located in Houston. â€Å"For nine of the past eleven years, U.S. News World Report has named MD Anderson the top cancer hospital in the country†(Lomax 2). Houston ´s contributions to the American economy through its energy industry have earned Houston worldwide recognition; this is something that the city of Austin cannot claim. â€Å"Houston, the broad-shouldered city of refined oil and crude people, with its leviathan port and behemoth of a petrochemical complex, propels the American economy more vitally than all the stocky bald bankers on Wall Street† (Lomax 2). Houston ´s energy industry- particularly oil and natural gas- are essential to keeping the American economy progressing, which proves the importance of the city of Houston to Texas and the rest of the country. The capital city should be a strange city with a culture that represents the rest of the state and that attracts people from all over the country. Even though Austin claims to be weird and representative of the state of Texas, in reality Austin ´s culture has been shaped by foreign ideas and fashions. In contrast, Houston ´s cultural combination of the traditional, the modern, and bizarre, makes Houston weird and unique. In addition, Houston ´s cultural institutions, every year attract millions of people from all over the country. â€Å"More than two million people avail themselves yearly of ballet, Broadway shows, opera, plays, and symphonic music at the nine arts venues downtown† (Lomax 2). These are several reasons why I believe Houston should be the capital of Texas, instead of Austin. Works Cited Lomax, John Nova. February 2013. Texas Monthly.

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Ironclads Of The Civil War :: essays research papers

IRONCLADS OF THE CIVIL WAR   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The book I read is called IRONCLADS OF THE CIVIL WAR. When you think of the Civil War you think of on land battles, but there were also many battles in the water. The Civil War introduced the Ironclads, which are huge ships made of iron with no sails and very destructive.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The first built and launched ironclad was in 1855 and it was named the Merrimac. Europe just starting building ironclads and sent her to Norfolk. The Merrimac was still there when Virginia seceded from the Union in April of 1861. The Union then sank the Merrimac and set her afire but the hull of the shop and the engines settled in the bottom of the river. The Confederates found it and raised the parts out. It took 1,500 men to work on the Merrimac. It was a very slow process because there was not many supplies or tools. The Merrimac needed needed on thousand tons of iron. It was difficult to get some because there was very few iron manufacturers anywhere in the South and there was just one able to supply enough. The Merrimac got a small share of iron and then went to work. It took over a year to get this ship finished. The captain was Franklin Buchnan and he had 300 men for a crew.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Most of the men were soldiers recently assigned out of artillery regiments. And there were very few sailors in the South, so most were clueless on where to go or what to do. When everything was done and she began to move it looked like the Merrimac was capable of doing what she was meant to do. The Northerners were warned about this ironclad â€Å"monster† and were waiting for this moment a long time. When the Merrimac came into view she fought the Cumberland and ended up destroying it. The shell burst into the rail and knocked down nine men of the Cumberland. In the end the Merrimac destroyed the Cumberland. But no ship in the navy ever fought as hard or as brave as the Cumberland did.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Once the word got around about the ironclad everyone started to make them. France built the Gloire and England built the Warrior. By the Civil War was a year old the navies were being complemented with ironclad. And the Union knew that they had to have an ironclad to ever beat the South Merrimac Captain John Ericisson

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Global Warming: Causes And Effects Essay

1.0 INTRODUCTION â€Å"Pollution has caused many kinds of effects to the environment that the different forms of pollutions are harder to be controlled and sadly, they have become more serious throughout the years. Apparently, other than natural disaster it is evident that the major cause of pollution is the irresponsible act of human being. Global warming has become a hot topic nowadays and we must take up the responsibility to resolve this problem. Global warming can be defined as the unusually rapid increase in Earth’s average surface temperature over the past century primarily due to the greenhouse gases released by people burning fossil fuels†. ( Random House Dictionary,  © Random House, Inc. 2011. ) The image of the factory exhausting the gases that creates greenhouse effect. Fig 1: Referring to the above picture, it is clearly proven that the gases from factory has polluted the air , creating an increased in greenhouse effect- heat-trapping, primarily carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. This has also destroyed the atmosphere since most of the gases trap in the air. This is one of the effects of global warming as the temperature rise the warmth would cause the atmosphere to become thinner and thinner. As a conclusion, we have to solve this problem before we lose everything as a consequence of what we have done to Mother nature. 1.1 DEFINITION Global warming is when the earth heats up (the temperature rises). It happens when greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane) trap heat and light from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere, which increases the temperature. This hurts many people, animals, and plants. Many cannot take the change, so they die. 2.0 THE CAUSES & EFFECTS OF GLOBAL WARMING 2.1 CAUSES 1: The Greenhouse Effect One of the main causes of Global Warming is the Green house effect. When the emission of infra-red radiation in the atmosphere warms a planet’s surface, it is known as the Green House Effect. The Greenhouse effect is a natural phenomena occurring on planet Earth. There are natural as well as human-made causes of the greenhouse effect. Industries are also one of the major cause of the Greenhouse Effect because of burning of fossil fuels, oil, coal, and gas and releases those gases into the air. The natural causes of the Green house effect are the emissions of gases like nitrous oxide, carbon-dioxide, methane, ozone and water vapour. The greenhouse effect is actually beneficial to the Earth. It is only when human-made processes increase its speed that the problems occur. One main problem is the oft repeated ‘Global Warming’. Population growth also is a indirect contributor and one of the causes of the Greenhouse effect. the increase in population, the needs and wants of the people increase. Therefore, this increases the manufacturing processes as well as the industry processes. This results in the increase of the release of industrial gases which catalyst the green house effect. The increase in population also results in the increase of agricultural processes. Most man-made machines, like the automobile also contribute to the green house effect. (D’Silva R.) Fig 3: The Greenhouse Effect. A heat-trapping blanket of greenhouse gases — primarily carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide — in the atmosphere can cause potentially significant changes in the timing and length of the seasons, temperature, and the amount and frequency of precipitation. ( Washington State Department of Ecology) Fig 2: From which sectors do the major greenhouse gas emissions come from? The lower part of the picture shows the sources individually for the gases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, respectively. EFFECT : The Greenhouse Effect Drought is one of the effect that causes by the Greenhouse Effect, and it is driving current increases in food prices around the world, which means one day the price of grains might be higher than fuel. The number of malnourished people decreased up until the late 1990s, and that number is still increasing.In addition, according to a 2005 world health organization report, there is 150,000 annual deaths that tied to the climate change. Climate related deaths are expected to double in 25 years. Industrialized countrties maybe sheltered from the current impacts of the climate change, but not others. Heat waves are also on of the effect that causes by the Greenhouse Effect. Solution : Reduce carbon dioxide emission First of all, Replacing a regular incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) CFLs use 60% less energy than a regular bulb. This simple switch will save about 300 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. Fig 3: fluorescent light bulb Moreover,Cleaning or replacing filters on your furnace and air conditioner Cleaning a dirty air filter can save 350 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. Fig 4: cleaning air conditioner The third solution is to Move your fridge and freezer Placing them next to the cooker or boiler consumes much more energy than if they were standing on their own. For example, if you put them in a hot cellar room where the room temperature is 30-35 ºC, energy use is almost double and causes an extra 160kg of CO2 emissions for fridges per year and 320kg for freezers. 2.2 GLOBAL DIMMING Global dimming can also be one of the causes of global warming. It is caused by an sulphur aerosol in the atmosphere. Aerosols are created naturally and as an effect of human activities such as combustion engines of vehicles, especially for diesel engines. Dust is a kind of aerosol, whereas large volcanic eruption releases aerosols too in the forms of clouds and ash. This can spread around the globe for months and blocks the sunlight in and reflect back to the space. Thus, global warming occurs. ‘However, it may be giving us a false sense of security by partially masking the severity of the greenhouse gas induced problem, leading us to take action less quickly than we should do mitigate that problem.’ ( Russel, R. 2007) Global dimming also increases the risk of forest burning for drying tropical forests. This Will release more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Fig 5: Sunlight is blocked by too many of sulphur aerosol. EFFECT Global dimming will rise the temperature over the next 100 years by 10 degree centigrade. Black soot aerosols reduce the amount of sunlight reflecting back into space, causing more sunlight to be absorbed and thus, global warming occurs. SOLUTION In order to prevent the rise in global dimming, the best solution is to reduce the burning of fossil fuels. People should reduce the usage of vehicles to cut down the amount of aerosols being released 2.3 DEFORESTATION ‘Deforestation are also one of the causes of global warming. Trees are one of the most important aspects of the planet we live in. It is also vitally important to the environment and all of the living things in the world.’ (Putatunda R.) They are important for the climate of the Earth, they act as filters of carbon dioxide, the are habitat and shelters to millions of species, and they are important for their aesthetic appeal. However, the trees on our planet are decreasing due to the developing of industry. They cut down the trees for lumber that is used for building materials, furniture, paper products, and living stuff that human need. There is so many trees has been depleted because of the short term of economic benefits. According to some estimates, there is more than 50 percent of trees has disappeared due to the human activity. One of the most worrying factors today is the massive destruction of the rainforests of the world, which is affecting the biodiversity adversely, as well as being one of the major contributory factors of the Holocene mass extinction that is ongoing. Forests are also cleared in order to accomodate expanding urban areas. And all this will rise the temperature of earth up because of too much of carbon dioxide. Fig 6: The temperature of earth has risen in the last hundred years. EFFECT : Trees contributes in a large way in maintaining the water cycle. They draw up water by their roots, which is then released into the atmosphere. A large part of the water that circulate in the ecosystem of rainforests, for instance, it remains inside the plants, When these tress are cut down, that area will be dry because of disruption of the water cycle. On the other hand, without the support of the roots of trees, the land with too much of damp will causes landslide. SOLUTION : Reforestation should be planned by the government. Under this process, the government of a country should implement eco-factory where only selected areas of trees can be cut down and transported with minimal damage to the forest. Secondly, land use planning advocates environmentally friendly development techniques, such as reduction of urban and suburban sprawl. Community forestry—where concerned citizens come together to manage and participate in keeping their local forests viable and sustainable’ ( ways to reduce deforestation and repair the damage 2008) Thirdly, green business should be carried out. Each and every developing and advanced countries should focus on recycled paper and wood products. The countries stated should be responsible for environmental consumerism. 3.0 CASE STUDY CASE STUDY 1: PROBLEM IN NIGERIA Global warming is caused mostly by the emission of greenhouse gases, and largely are from industry production, agriculture, transportation and material consumption. The effect on Nigeria and other parts of the african continent has been steadily raising water levels along the coastal areas, with some parts of these places now underwater while others are condemned to being submerged in due course. Moreover, There have been unusually extended droughts and serious desertification, and this problem makes Nigeria falls into the growth of poverty. CASE STUDY 2: PROBLEM IN CHINA China is one of the fast developing countries in the world. At the same time, China is also one of the global warming causing country. There are many power plants and vehivles in China. The air surrounding of the power plant is in bad condition and this will harm human health. In addition, China is also one of the fifth country which is used the most coal. All of this not only will harm human health, all of these will also bring disaster to the world, not only in China. China government wanted to give the best to their people. However, they did not realize that what they are doing now is causing a lot of problems. Global warming causs climate change rapidly which destroy crops. Consequently, people in China are facing food shortage, and many trees are also have been chopped down to expanding urban areas. In conclusion, the increase of population in China leads to global warming. 4.0 CONCLUSION In a conclusion, we must try our best to solve the problems and strive to reinstate balance on our earth for sake of our future generations. BIBLIOGRAPHY (Rincon Consultants, Inc.) â€Å"Greenhouse Gas Emissions And The Greenhouse Effect† (Petrone M.) â€Å"How to Stop Global Warming† (Riebeek H.) â€Å"Global Warming†. June 3, 2010 (Putatunda R.) â€Å"Causes and effects of deforestation†. (Earth Talk) â€Å"What is global dimming†.November 15 2010 (Admin) â€Å"Global dimming†. Nobember 25, 2006 ile=article&sid=144 (Korieocha Godwin P.) â€Å"A case study of global warming in Nigeria†. December 21, 2010

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Implication of resource and technical developments Essay

Introduction Technological development in football the last 30 years, football has developed dramatically. Improvements have been made not only in terms of footwear, footballs, goal keeping gloves and other general equipment, but also in terms of training methods and the attitude towards the professional game (i.e. drugs in sport and dieting in particular). Training and attitude over the last 30 years, most training methods have become much more specific to the sport, so sports players can become specialized at one particular activity. Describing the benefits of technological developments in football and the design of football equipment such as advanced features and benefits of football boots which are, light weight and are made of such materials as kangaroo leather. Most top level players have sock-liners which fit with the contours of foot to provide extra comfort and strategically placed traction blades provide maximum grip. Football boots help with a players grip, acceleration and turning ability. Footballs have had technological advancements such as having air retention system, being high density and having a high abrasion surface which provides extra durability. The match balls played with in the premiership is precision engineered to exact standards to ensure that it is produced to within 3g of its ideal weight and to an exact circumference of 68.5cm. The benefits of the newer footballs are the increased swerve that the ball offers and a better accuracy of passing. The football boots worn by British teams’ right up to the fifties weighed around 550 grams, and the heaviest part was the steel toe cap. Today, football boots weigh a mere 150 to 175 grams and fit snugly around the foot like a second skin. With just 100 grams less on each foot, a player taking around 10,000 steps during a 90 minute match needs to move approximately two tons less weight during the game. But having these technological developments in football equipment really affect the level of standard we compete at in today’s sporting environment or have branding companies such as Addidas, Nike and Reebok just used this so called advance to get us buying their new equipment. Testing What I’m hoping to find out is what, if any, has the development of footballing equipment such as football boots and footballs played in refining and advancing a performance or weather the equipment used 10 years ago was adequate enough to play with in today’s game with affecting performance. To carry this research out I have devised an experiment using the most up-to-date sporting equipment and the equivalent from 10 years ago, to find out weather the advance of technological development can really improve a performance. I will analyze a competitive situation in a 5-a-side match where agility, accuracy, power and balance are needed; one team will have the developed equipment and the other the standard equipment. I will statistically record the whole game when it comes to shots on and off target, possession of the ball, first players to the ball and overall performance. To make the test valid the teams will swap equipment at half time. Evaluation From analyzing my research I found startling evidence, I found that there was hardly any difference, if any between the two types of equipment. Looking at my finding the developed equipment had marginal advantages on its predecessors. What is did find was that the team with the advanced equipment didn’t seem to work as hard to keep up with the pace of the game the competing team had to work much harder to compete at the same level as their competition. This may be a huge factor as the level of football progresses when it comes to marginal factor that make a team successful advances in technology make the difference. From analyzing the game is the amount of injury the team with the new developed boots suffered. One individual who wore the equipment could feel the brunt of the challenge much more than the thicker material from the older boots, also one of the players suffered knee injury in the advanced boots. This issue caused me consider whether this new technological advanced in equipment can really refining a players performance or damage it. The function of the football boot is basic it provides some means of attachment to the playing surface whilst encasing the foot for protection, however this causes the player to go in one direction and to leave his foot behind and now with the development of football boots grip has become even more robust with grip causing serious injury if fixed to the surface. No shoe can ever guarantee full protection against injuries, because there exists a conflict between the function of the shoe and the interests of the human body. But with the continuous development of boots this issue may be discarded in the favour of the best boots on the market rather than enhancing an individual performance. Statistically speaking when comparing the two type of equipment the developed boots were more consistent so when discussing on refining a performance the technological development of football equipment can help to make progression at your level by offering you an easy way of improving, by that I mean you can still improve and refine your performance without buying the latest equipment but from analyzing new and old technologies the transition will be much harder. How I feel about the development of football equipment with refining a performance with regards to the lack of protection given by modern football boots, and the repercussion in terms of player injuries, there seems little to suggest that the major manufacturers are going to give up their quest for the lightest football boot for a more protective one. The proliferation of big money sponsorship deals, namely Nike Ronaldinho, Adidas with David Beckham and Reebok with Thierry Henry, has become a huge factor that drives the success and sales of a football boot maker, but is viewed as at a cost of injury and stagnation in football boot research and development. All we can predict for the future is integration with sensor technology, lighter and more powerful football boots and more outlandish designs and styles rather than the simple quest on improving an individual.

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American Beauty..Look Closer essays

American Beauty..Look Closer essays A lot of video imagery is used in the film American Beauty with mainly a Sony DV camera and the character Ricky as the voyeur. It brought reality to viewer through Rickys' way of looking at things which was often through the video image. Conrad Hall,( director of photography), for the film American beauty has won Academy Award for his work on the classic western "Butch Cassidy and he Sundance Kid". He has earned many Oscars nominations in movies such as "Tequila Sunrise", "The Professionals", "Searching for Bobby Fischer", and most recently, "Civil Action" Hall is renowned for his delicate use of shadow and precise lighting to enhance the mood of intimate drama. The very last shot in the film is "the Plastic Bag" scene. It's a plastic that just keeps whirling in the breeze. You're not sure what it means but the simple beauty has profound effect. The title is ironic in that of theme to movie. Which is that nothing is what it appears to be on the surface. That there is life behind things and its much more interesting and real than the veneer of reality that we all sort of tacitly agree to accept in life. ...

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In Montgomery, Enrichment vs. Inequality essays

In Montgomery, Enrichment vs. Inequality essays The article, In Montgomery, Enrichment vs. Inequality told of how the Montgomery Country Schools are being put under scrutiny and criticism of allowing PTAs the privately fund school construction and other major events that have great impact on one individual school. The critics are saying that the appearance and the advantage of a public school should all be the same because it gives a service to the public, not the kids in that specific tax bracket. The supporters say if they can afford to better improve their child education then why should competing inner city schools hold them down. I think this issue seems quite simple in my opinion, even though can understand the opponents of it. If the schools PTA is able to make improvements for the school then why not. The PTA is established to create a good environment for the parent teacher relationship to better help the student get a good education. And what not better help with education than better books, computers, or high tech security? I understand that not all schools have that opportunity but sometimes it seems thats the way it goes. The reason why people try to succeed in life is to supply a better life for their children, that is instilled in education. Education is the basis for everything why do so why shouldnt parents be able to provide what the government cant? This article poignantly introduces the issue of classicism in Americas schooling system. I think us, as high school students need to focus more on the issue of clasism because it is the basis of much discrimination. I think as peer trainers we need to understand economics play a major factor in the role of specific racial cultures. We cant deny the fact they shape many races futures. As peer trainers we need to be sensitive to the fact and try to get kids not to discriminate on the appearance of clothing, cars, houses, or anything that could be measured by worth. When ...

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Top 10 most common resume myths exposed

Top 10 most common resume myths exposed Finding that perfect job you’ve always strived for and building a successful career is a never-ending process which involves lots of different activities. Arguably, the most important aspect of your job search is building an impressive resume that will increase your chance of landing that dream job. There is plenty of information online about how you can write a resume, but the trouble is that lots of those articles perpetuate certain myths about resume writing, or are simply out of date. As a result, lots of candidates fail to get hired, despite having outstanding qualifications. In order to avoid making the same mistakes as everyone else, here are 10 most common resume myths you need to be aware of:Myth One: One-Page resumeThis one might make sense if you are fresh out of college. But, if you are an experienced professional that’s been in the business for a while, one page will probably not be enough to list all of your qualifications, job experience, and skills. Feel free to go over one page and include everything that you think is relevant.Myth Two: Include Your Entire Work HistoryWhile it’s important to provide a clear idea about your work experience, you don’t need to include every single job that you have ever worked. Focus on those jobs which are relevant to the job position you are applying for, and even then, focus on the last 10 years or so.Myth Three: Hide Your Work GapsConsidering the way the job market is these days, nobody will fault you for having work gaps inside your resume. Instead of hiding them, include them and provide a short explanation about each one in your cover letter. Also, volunteering can help you bridge those gaps and makes your resume look better.Myth Four: Provide a Detailed List of Your Duties for Each Job PositionYour future employers do not care about every single detail of your previous job. The only thing they are concerned about is how you can contribute to their company, as well as relevant pr ojects you have completed at your previous job, regardless of your job position or duties.Myth Five: Your Resume Needs to Be CreativeYou will come across different opinions on this one. It really depends on the company you are trying to apply with. Some are more liberal and like it when candidates think outside the box, while others are more conservative and don’t like unconventional resumes. It’s up to you to do the research.Myth Six: Your Photo Is Not NeededWhile it’s true that you will be hired based on your skills and qualifications, and not the way you look, you still should include a photo of yourself. If you don’t, you will leave a bad impression on the recruiters. Plus, we live in a visual age, so it’s only natural for your resume to feature your photo.Myth Seven: Form Doesn’t MatterOf course, what you put on your resume is essential, but it would be a mistake to neglect the form completely. Keep in mind that the recruiters go throug h hundreds of resumes for every job, and they are used to a particular resume structure.Myth Eight: Your Resume Should Contain Your Entire Professional and Personal HistoryYes, you definitely need to include all relevant information about yourself but your resume should not look like your autobiography. It should be more about your goals for the future, your abilities, and what you plan to do as far as your career is concerned.Myth Nine: Send the Same Resume to EveryoneSending out the same resume might save you some time, but it hurts your chances of being hired. It would be perfect if you could create a custom resume for every job opening so that it’s tailored to the needs of the company. Also, you will need to update the list of your previous jobs and replace the ones which are less relevant.Myth Ten: You Need to Keep at ItGetting a new job requires persistence, but that doesn’t mean you should email the companies you have applied with just days after. If they donâ⠂¬â„¢t call you right away, give it time and then reach out to them in a couple of weeks. If they decide not to hire you, ask for an internship. And if none of that works, you still have other companies. Besides, if you don’t have a job at the moment, you can use your free time to attend courses, volunteer, or master new skills which will help you enhance your resume.Now that you are no longer confused by 10 most common resume misconceptions it is the perfect time to write the ideal job application that will get you hired by your dream company. Start right away!About the author:Zoe Carter is a lifestyle blogger, digital nomad and editor at She is always in search for innovative ideas for learning languages and developing writing skills. You can chat with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Ameican wilderness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ameican wilderness - Essay Example In the given paper will discuss the records of the two governors of early American colonies. William Bradford (1590-1657) is known as an American colonial ruler and a Pilgrim head. He became famous due to great number of facts. The most important achievements of Bradford are the foundation of Plymouth Colony and the establishing peaceful relations with Native Americans (Perkins, 2006). The record of William Bradford tells us about the Pilgrims’ arrival in 1620: â€Å"being thus arrived in a good harbor and brought safe to land, they fell upon their knees & blessed ye God of heaven, who had brought them over ye vast & furious ocean, and delivered them from all ye perils & miseries thereof, again to set their feet on ye firmer and stable earth, their proper element† (Bradford (Edited by Samuel Eliot Morison, 1967) Their primary goal was to find a place where they would become independent in their religious belief. Pilgrims considered Virginia to be a right place for them. However, they arrived in the place where there was no government, so they had to form it. M ayflower Compact, a document created by Pilgrims, became a record of the new laws and William Bradford was appointed as a leader. From the Bradford’s record we find out that the new conditions differed much from the life the Pilgrims got used to. It was very difficult for people to survive the first winter, which was extremely cold. Bradford understood that the help of Native Americans was essential, so he established the agreement with the Wamponoag tribe head. This tribe was one of the friendly tribes, which helped new Americans adopt to the new life. Bradford was the organizer of the first Thanksgiving Day held in order to thank Native Americans for their help. Bradford wrote in his records, that â€Å"†¦and no marvel if they were thus joyful, seeing wise  Seneca  was so affected with sailing a few miles on ye coast of his own  Italy; as he affirmed, that he had rather

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Management of Mean Hyperglycaemia Levels in ICU Patients Research Paper

Management of Mean Hyperglycaemia Levels in ICU Patients - Research Paper Example There is enough evidence to believe that the aftereffects faced by sufferers of persistent hyperglycemia can be mitigated purely through better monitoring and management of the patients’ states of health in the Intensive Care Units. However, the exact causes of negligence, mishandling and below par medication of the patients are still not established; nor do we know exactly how these phenomena affect the patients’ organs and organ systems, which phenomenon occurs in what circumstances, and what is implied by each occurrence in medical terms. Problem Statement Diabetes mellitus has a unique association with other acute and chronic disorders such as congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, kidney failure, etc. During hospitalization, patients often encounter hyperglycemia. This is due to the increase in stress hormone circulation (Trence, Kelly, & Hirsch, 2003). It has been experimentally proven that high levels of glucose may have traumati c effects on the hemodynamic, immune and vascular systems. It has also been documented that the patients of hyperglycemia usually encounter subsequent health complications in the intensive care units (Golden, Peart-Vigilance, Kao, & Brancati, 1999). For instance, if the glucose levels are high after cardiac surgery, the chances of infection in the region of surgery increase (Zerr et al., 1997). Figure 1. Relationship between Hyperglycemia and Stress Hormone Circulation. Adapted from "Management of Hyperglycemia in the Hospital Setting" by Silvio E. Inzucchi, 2006. The New England Journal of Medicine, 18, p. 1904. The observations regarding the relationship of hyperglycemia with disorders of endocrine, cardiac and metabolic systems are not confined to patients of chronic... The research proposal is hereby complete and may be put forward for a practical study based on it. This proposal is of course, a theoretical briefing about the academic way of researching a very particular topic. It is intended to be a guideline for the specific tasks to be performed in carrying out a research study on the management of mean hyperglycemia levels of patients in ICUs. While the proposal is intended to be not lengthy nor incomprehensive or inconclusive, it is limited in scope anyhow by the project’s academic nature and by the requirements of this course and the level of study. Also, the project’s uniqueness is emphasized in the fact that it proposes a quantitative study while research projects regarding an area dealing strictly with human interactions, such as nursing, are most usually qualitative. While there may be some value in utilizing this proposal for some research, there certainly was a lot of useful learning during the performance of this project. It taught me about the value of choosing the right topic for a research: it is what determines the experience in drafting the rest of the proposal. It seems a bit presumptuous to try to adapt a yet-obscure topic for a research study of this level.

Agile manifesto - what are the downsides Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Agile manifesto - what are the downsides - Essay Example This is championed because collaboration is much more crucial than understanding process and tools. Another element that is propagated is working software OVER comprehensive documentation. One might argue that documentation is required to have a successful implementation of software is much important than documentation. However, real testing of software happens in QA in which prototyping occurs. Another issue that is prominent with Agile customer collaboration and negotiation. In the boom and busting world of technology, building an innovative products through blocks can be waste of time, resources and scope of work. This is achieved through regular iterations of work, known as Sprints which enhance the product as depicted by the team. It is clear to understand that Agile enhances the churn by reducing defects and defining the product resourcefully. The team evaluated by practicing this technique to steer the direction of the product via this methodology. When a team stops and re-eva luates the direction of a project every two weeks, there’s time to steer it in another direction without spending quality time. The last core principle can be answered via was clear that teams understood an opportunity to know the life cycle of the project and limit the cycle work to two weeks. This enables teams to develop a work cycle is limited to two weeks, and allows stakeholders have to examine defects in the

Intercultural communication in the film Hotel Rwanda Essay

Intercultural communication in the film Hotel Rwanda - Essay Example The film stages the relationship between the protagonist of the movie, Paul, the manager of the local hotel and Colonel Oliver, the peace keeper of the United Nations. The character of the colonel is portrayed as the character that had to bear the shame of the failure of the international agency to intervene peace in the locality of Rwanda. Paul is portrayed as a personal with exceptional leadership quality thathas the ability to make significant decisions at crucial times. Paul is found to deliver a speech in the movie at a time where the conflict has reached its height. In the speech he urges the victims to seek for help from any source they have to save their extinction. He also continues with the speech and let the refugees know that his hotel can no longer provide shelter to them. Throughout the scene in which Paul delivers his speech he depicts a strong body language and the voice of tone suggests the concern he has for the victims. His posture reflected the confidence which he wanted to spread among the people over there. Paul exhibits partial open and closed form of communication throughout his speech delivery. Paul’s performance was quite symbolic in the scenes where he shivers during driving over dead bodies in the city. The movie successfully depicts the relationship which was there in the period of crisis between the Rwandans and the white Americans. In the movie Paul was portrayed as a character that had strong qualities of interpersonal communication.

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China's debt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

China's debt - Essay Example The largest banks in China lent more than twice the level of bad debts in the year 2013 as they had in 2012 (Jadhav, Neelankavil & Andrews, 2012). Australian banks have lent China an alarming 75 percent more than their usual amount. Their aim, however, is to gain exposure to Asia’s economy in the powerhouse sector. The World Bank has also been a major lender to the Chinese government but on concessionary terms. These finances, however, arise from indirect contributions of the United States, which is the largest contributor to the World Bank. The finances from China are round- tripping as the U.S. massively borrows from China. China has used its borrowed funds, which are mostly Chinese-owned, in the public sector. Some of the national projects that China has involved itself in using the borrowed funds are the construction of sundry new buildings (Koo, 2013). These constructions include homes and offices, some of which are unoccupied over the years. According to the State grid, the new constructions have zero billing on electricity. The established investment platforms for the local government in 2009 have led to a high increase of the outstanding debt by nearly 70 percent. China’s debt also funded several investments in infrastructure (Bailey, Huang & Yang, 2011). These include roads built in 2011. Infrastructure was more profitable than the boom of construction of houses in China. The Chinese situation of being a state with so much debt has had both positive and negative effects on its people. Due to the construction of new houses by the state in 2011 in a bid to try to evade the economic crisis that hit the world in 2008, property prices increased. The nationals had a problem measuring up to this change. The local government raised interest rates of bonds in the money market in China. The inflation increased in the country characterized by increased loan screening (Liu, 2010). The debts have led to declining economic growth

The Potential for Alternative Fuels in Transport Essay

The Potential for Alternative Fuels in Transport - Essay Example The various regions of the globe and transportation applications may present different challenges requiring different alternative fuels, but the need to preserve the environment and its resources is universal. (Pelkmans, p.1-3) The Associate Director of the Energy Program at Rice University, Amy Myers Jaffe, argues that the situation is more dangerous now than in 1973 or 1979, as the United States is more dependent on the oil from Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries of uncertain geopolitical stability. "Of the Saudi oil, two-thirds goes through one processing plant and two terminals. " (qtd. in EBS, pars. 3-4) The electric vehicles touted after the oil crisis have not yet made it past the significant hurdles of economic and technical factors. Battery technology has not progressed as predicted, and remains the major weakness in electric vehicles. In the last few years, hybrid vehicles have become available, compromising the fuel-efficiency and environmental benefits of electric vehicles without their long-charging times or short range. Last year, over 86,000 hybrid vehicles were sold in the United States. (Barnitt and Eudy, p. 15) "It turns out that if, in 2025, every car and light truck were as efficient as today's hybrid cars and sports utility vehicles, that would displace two Gulf's worth of oil or a sixth of all the oil in the country," says Amory Lovins, CEO of the Rocky Mountain Institute. (qtd. in EBS, pars. 3-4) The use of alternative fuels, operating within assumptions of current fuel use and oil supplies, are inevitable. (Sperling, DeLuchi and Wang, p. 1) The United States owns only three percent of the world's oil reserves, but consumes 25 percent of the world's oil. There is a concensus that drilling our way to energy independence is not a feasible solution. (EBS, par. 4) The transportation fuel market represents about 53% of the world refinery product demand. If upstream (the fuel used in producing the fuel itself) consumption, asphalt and lubricant use are included, the transportation sector is responsible for about 60%. This share of the oil market is projected to increase in the next decades. The remainder of the oil products are used for heating, the production of plastics and other synthetics, and for the production of electricity. No large-scale substitute displays identical characteristics as oil-based fuels (gasoline and diesel,) and higher quality transport fuel requires highe r energy use in the refining process. The demand for transporation fuel will determine the demand the for crude oil on the whole. There are sufficient oil resources in place for the period up to 2030, provided that sufficient investments and developments are made in oil recovery. (Gielen and Unander, p. 7) The World Energy Outlook 2004 predicts a growth from 77 million barrels per day to 121.3 million barrels per day in 2030, and the OPEC Middle East share in world oil production is predicted to grow from 24.7% to 42.7% by this time. (Gielen and Unander, p. 8) "Until we find a substitute for the internal combustion engine to reduce our dependence on gasoline, we're stuck with imported oil," says Robert Ebel, the Chairman of the Energy Program at the Center for Strategic and

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China's debt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

China's debt - Essay Example The largest banks in China lent more than twice the level of bad debts in the year 2013 as they had in 2012 (Jadhav, Neelankavil & Andrews, 2012). Australian banks have lent China an alarming 75 percent more than their usual amount. Their aim, however, is to gain exposure to Asia’s economy in the powerhouse sector. The World Bank has also been a major lender to the Chinese government but on concessionary terms. These finances, however, arise from indirect contributions of the United States, which is the largest contributor to the World Bank. The finances from China are round- tripping as the U.S. massively borrows from China. China has used its borrowed funds, which are mostly Chinese-owned, in the public sector. Some of the national projects that China has involved itself in using the borrowed funds are the construction of sundry new buildings (Koo, 2013). These constructions include homes and offices, some of which are unoccupied over the years. According to the State grid, the new constructions have zero billing on electricity. The established investment platforms for the local government in 2009 have led to a high increase of the outstanding debt by nearly 70 percent. China’s debt also funded several investments in infrastructure (Bailey, Huang & Yang, 2011). These include roads built in 2011. Infrastructure was more profitable than the boom of construction of houses in China. The Chinese situation of being a state with so much debt has had both positive and negative effects on its people. Due to the construction of new houses by the state in 2011 in a bid to try to evade the economic crisis that hit the world in 2008, property prices increased. The nationals had a problem measuring up to this change. The local government raised interest rates of bonds in the money market in China. The inflation increased in the country characterized by increased loan screening (Liu, 2010). The debts have led to declining economic growth

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Success Story of David Robert Joseph Beckham Essay

Success Story of David Robert Joseph Beckham - Essay Example Success Story of David Robert Joseph Beckham Most of the famous success stories seems to have their respective head-start from a failure. When it comes to understanding and assessing the success story of David Beckham, one can begin with the hardships he underwent during his initial years as a football player. It has been written by a number of writers who have witnessed or interviewed Beckham that his coach or football teachers remain a reason behind Beckham’s increased effort towards football. It was very difficult for him to get his positions in the football team because a common view was observed in the 1990s that players need to have a typical physique i.e. the players have to be tall and have toned muscles etc. Despite such a stereotype, Beckham worked hard to get the training as a football player. It was his determination and effort that he was able to play in a team of fewer than 15 years of age in 1990s. Later on, he played football for a couple of other football club s. The major clubs where Beckham has served most of the years of his football career included Read Madrid, Manchester United, Galaxy etc (Reavis). In the present times, David Beckham has been able to gain a lot of fame that he ended up being the legacy for most of the clubs. Let alone in Manchester United, he has held the captaincy for about fifty-nine times. In addition, he is known as Beckham for his face value has increased up to $1bn (Cujo). Cijo, Mark. You Branding: Reinventing Your Personal Identity As a Successful Brand.

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Research In Regard To Shoplifting Psychology Essay

Research In Regard To Shoplifting Psychology Essay In critically reviewing the research in regard to shoplifting done by the security manager, a definition of research will be stated and the following aspects will be analysed and critiqued. Initially, throughout the essay the manager would be complemented for taking the initiative to conduct a research founded on a concern to deal with shoplifting, and the research methodologies used to examine the problem. This would be followed by a critical analysis to identify the strength and weaknesses, beginning with examining the first stage of the investigations which looks at the research problems to determine if the author provided a good argument for the research. The essay will focus on the following, a literature review to determine if the researcher reviewed sufficient information before conducting the research. Methods used during the process of the survey are in compliance with established theories such as qualitative, which include unstructured interviews, observation study, also a comparison between qualitative and quantitative research methods. In addition special attention will be paid to the data collection methods together with the examination of existing information and the ethical violations by the researcher which compromised the validity and reliability of the investigation. The final discussion and interpretation to determine of the finding of the research to determine if the discussion fit with the data collected, taking into consideration if any limitations were encountered which could have influenced the discussion from presenting a logical based result. Research by definition, according to the (Merriam-Webster online Dictionary) states it is a studious inquiry or examination especially, investigations or experimentations aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts, revision of accepted theories or laws in the light of new facts, or practical application of such new or revised theories or laws: The collecting of information about a particular subject. Research Problem All security managers should be complimented for the initiative to conduct a research which would assist in examining and addressing some of the concerns they were faced with in their organization. On the other hand, in the initial stage of any research there are some fundamental stages that need to be followed in order for the research report to be truly noteworthy. The author indicated the objective for his research was to study shoplifting by costumers and focus on a number of other aspects within the store. These included the volume of shoplifting, the influence of the new CCTV equipment on such and why people actually shoplift. When conducting research it is important to identify the following: What exactly one wants to study? Why it is worth studying? Does the proposed study contribute to our general understanding of crime or its policy response? (Maxfield Babbie, 2008:111). The researcher should also begin by clearly identifying the problem and providing a good argument for s ignificance and determining its relevance (Rodgers (1997). The manager needs to acknowledge that in order to achieve the objective of any research report, there are guidelines that ought to be meticulously evaluated in conducting such an exercise. Literature Review An acknowledgement of some previous research on shoplifting previously done is noteworthy. However, the managers opinion that none for the particular shop was done, and earlier research was not relevant, to the existing research, could seriously put the study at a disadvantage. One of the most important elements in the beginning of a research project is the literature review. According to (Hart 1998 cited in Bell 2008:99) without it, you will not acquire an understanding of your topic, of what has already been done on it, how it has been researched, and what are the key issues. A literature review proposes to offer an overview of relevant literature published on the topic, taking the four stages into consideration. Problem formulation, which considers the topic being examined and what are the component issues, literature research includes finding materials relevant to the subject being explored, data evaluation to determine which literature makes a significant contribution to underst anding the topic, and analysis and interpretation of the findings and conclusion of pertinent literature.(Department of Criminology,2010).The absence of a literature review from the research denied the author critical information that could have assisted in addressing the concerns of shop lifting at the store and a guide for the project. Research Method As a consequence of the number of things under consideration by the researcher with regard to shoplifting at the store, research methods needed to be developed for the study. These take into account using all the necessary processes to achieve the best outcome (Schutt 2004:16) states a researcher can get a clearer picture of the social reality being studied by viewing it observed his method included the use of quantitative research by making use of official data and questionnaires in addition to qualitative data by having interviews, also observation studies. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are useful and legitimate. And some research situation and topics require elements of both approaches (Maxfield Babbie, 2008:26). The importance of research methods should not be underestimated, when seeking to find answers or correct a problem of a social reality. Hence research methodologies form an integral part of any research to be conducted, which has the key to observing the same thing from a different viewpoint. Qualitative research The official data used to determine the volume of shoplifting at the shop were computerised records of inventory taken into the shop as compared to goods sold or otherwise accounted for. However, this measure does not accurately determine the reason for high numbers of unaccounted items at the store, for there could be a number of other factors that could have led to such increasing numbers within the four-month period under review, (Maxfield Babbie. 2008:306 states Store inventory records could be used to estimate losses by customer theft, but this obscures the difference between shoplifting by customers and employee theft. Qualitative methods used in studying data as part of the investigation is commendable, qualitative research is the form of research that is not concerned or interested in what is true or false or what can be proved or disproved, as well as considering the way people understand things and patterns of behaviour. activities that make up this method of research inco rporates , interviews, observations, analysing interactions and conversations including analysing documents,(Department of Criminology,2010).The assumption that shoplifting was on the increase in as much as security officers were catching more people at the shop and the past week two persons were processed by police together with more dodgy persons stopping over at the shop was based purely on observations and lacked adequate data whereby they could have appropriately measure the variables. Interviews Unstructured interviews were used to determine the amount of shoplifting at the shop. Nevertheless, in conducting interviews be it structured or unstructured there must be some ethical consideration when using this method. According to Hart and Bond (1995:198-201 cited in Bell 2008 :44) action research in health and social care, provide examples of different types of code of practice or protocol, which requires researchers to ensure that participants are fully aware of the purpose of the research and understand their rights. The manager choice of semi-structured interviews must be highly praised, for unstructured interviews are most appropriate when researchers have little knowledge about a topic and when its reasonable for them to have a casual conservation with a subject (Maxfeild Babbie, 2008:288). Interviews with both line managers and other records indicated that there was a great deal of shoplifting taking place at the shop. However, both interviews were not conducted at the p roper time to elicit the information necessary in assisting the manager to come to a conclusion as to determine that shop lifting was on the increase at the shop. This factors could have result in bias as there is always dangers in research carried out by individual researchers, particularly those who have strong views about the topic they are researching (Bell, 2008: 166).Structured or unstructured interviews must comply with the general ethics of undertaking such an exercise for many organizations now have ethical guidelines, codes of practice and protocols (Bell, 2008:57) Observational study Observation study was one of the methods used by the researcher to determine why people shoplift. While this is one of the methods by which investigation could be used to collect data, it is not an easy option, according to (Nisbet 1977:15 cited in Bell, 2008:184) careful planning and piloting are essential, and it takes practice to get the most out of this technique. However, once mastered, it can reveal characteristics of group or individuals, which would have been impossible to discover by another means. An afternoon spent walking around the store watching for people shoplifting was done by the security manager in order to collect data; this can be explained as solo observation. However, there is always a danger of accusation of bias or misinterpretation with this type of observation (Bell, 2008:185).In conducting observation studies be it structured or unstructured, participant or non-participant; there are certain guide lines to follow in order to achieve exactly what you need t o know. To begin with consideration should be given as to what information is needed and what approach should be adopted also pilot your method and invite someone to observe with you and compare notes afterwards to see if you saw the same thing (Bell, 2008:185). This emphasizes the point that even though the observation study was unstructured the basic principle for this type of investigation was lacking. On the other hand, the researcher must be commended for employing this method to assist with obtaining the necessary information to establish why people shoplift. Quantitative research Quantitative research methods as compared to qualitative research methods differ primarily in their analytical objectives. While qualitative explores attitudes, and experiences through such methods as interviews, observations, analysing interactions and conversations, including analysing documents,(Department of Criminology,2010).On the other hand quantitative research generates data through the use of a large scale survey via methods such as questionnaires and structured interviews. This type of research reaches many more people, but the contact with target groups is much quicker than it is in qualitative research (Sanchez, 2006) .The researcher decision to design a questionnaire to address why people shoplift is certainly a step in the right direction towards achieving this objective. However, in exercising this option, and considering the survey is likely to get the information required, a well designed questionnaire must be produced that will be acceptable and should pose no prob lem at the analysis and interpretation stage(Bell,2008:136 ). The author points out that he gave out 30 questionnaires to his friends and also to get their friends to fill it in,(Gill,2005:313) stated self administered questionnaire can produce unreliable data as results depend on respondents.(Bell,2008: 148 ) also states, There are distinct advantages in being able to give questionnaires to respondents personally. You can explain the purpose of the study, and in some cases questionnaires can be completed on the spot. You are likely to get better cooperation if you can establish personal contact. The method employed the researcher in delivering the questionnaire could have compromised the information received on their return. Data collection and analysis When deciding to carry out a research project, in the initial stages one should consider how to collect the evidence you require, additionally what is the best way to acquire the information (Bell, 2008:115). The use of official data from the store to identify inventory taken into the shop in comparison to inventory accounted for, as well as unaccounted inventory must be applauded. Analysis of data for the periods under review to determine whether if any significant change in shoplifting before and after the introduction of CCTV confirmed that twenty percent of the inventory was not accounted for in both case. Hence it could not be proven there was a decrease in shoplifting. Generalization is a key concern in research design. We rarely have the resources to study the entire population that is of interest to us, so we have to select cases to study that allow our findings to be generalized to the population of interest. None the less since we can never be sure that our findings will ho ld under all conditions. We should be cautious in generalizing to populations that we do not actually sample. (Schutt, 2004: : 19). Interpretation of results collected from the questionnaire was based on assumptions and not from a proper examination of the data collected. Statements such as, most shoplifting is committed by females for the thrill is not accurate at the point of view two out of ten females answering the questionnaire shoplifted many times, which represents a mere twenty percent.(Bell,2008: 110) writes research findings can be dangerous if they are used in an undisciplined way stating that the research proves x or y without any corroborating evidence to warrant such an assertion. In analysing data collected one should not make claims, which cannot be justified from the evidence presented. Ethical consideration There is no sign throughout the entire research project where the investigator indicated that an ethic committee existed or permission from any supervisor to carry out the survey was granted. (Bell, 2008: 43) explains, at one time, it was possible to have permission for small pieces of research to be done by the head of a department. However, with era change in most cases the supervisor will be aware of any limitations or legal requirement related to researching and ensure that proper standards are in place during the preparation stages of collecting data. Ethical consideration should not be compromised when doing any research project, for any data collected from any of the research methods without consent from participants, create an inherent danger to the reliability and validity of the information collected,(Department of Criminology,2010).The semi- structured interviews, with both line managers is an excellent research method, but they were unaware that an interview was been carr ied out at the time and information collected would be used by the researcher to inform certain conclusions.(Bell,2008:156) points out researchers still have a responsibility to explain as fully as possible what the research is about ,why you wish to interview them, what will be involved an what you will do with the information obtained. During the observational study the young woman arrested for shoplifting and was offered a reward in exchange for information illustrates the importance for ethical concerns in obtaining information. The reliability of the information received through coercion will dispute the authenticity of the data collected. Whenever a research is conducted on persons the well being of the research participants must be top priority. The question of the research is of secondary importance. This explains that if a choice is made between doing harm to the participants and doing harm to the research, it is the research that is sacrificed (Sanchez, 2006). Discussion and Interpretation of findings Raw data taken from the questionnaires, interviews and other methods used need to be recorded analysed and interpreted. (Bell, 2008:203).The researchers discussion and analysis as a consequence of the data collected, asserts that shoplifting is a real problem that is only going to get worse. However, the results presented did not indicate if the results fits with the data collected, any conclusions forwarded need to be accompanied by evidence to support its claim. Taking into consideration data collected during the research as compared to authors statements highlighted this fact. The findings needed to identify limitation of the study and how it affected the quality of the study; challenges encountered in collecting the questionnaire together with the low return ratio would have certainly compromised the fact as to why persons shoplift together with the ages and sex of the offenders. Gathering large amount of information in the hope that something will emerge is not recommended in sm all investigations also selecting research method which are suitable for the task and which can easily analysed, interpreted and presented (Bell, 2008:203).Reliability and validity of the information to determine that CCTV is the solution to the problem is not supported by the statistical data presented. Before and after the installation of the CCTV simple arithmetical procedures related to percentage was not used to analyse the numbers so as to determine if shoplifting prior to and following produced significant changes. According to (Bassey, 1981:85 cited in Bell 2008:202) An important criterion for judging the merit of case study is the extent to which the details are sufficient and appropriate for a teacher working in a similar situation to relate his decision making to that described in the case study. The reliability of a case study is more important than its generalizability. Interpretation of the data collected requires greater analysis before revealing that several things were clear from the research. In determining if a research project ought to be undertaken it must be resolved if the problem is clearly identified, together with providing a good argument for such an investigation. The objective of any research by its definition is aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts. However, in striving to achieve such this requires the researcher follow the necessary steps that would assist in accomplishing the goals of the investigations. A literature review of previous researches could be an essential first step in understanding the subject. The utilitization of multiple methods to study the research is recommended, which would assist to observe things from a perspective which could challenge or confirm the finding of one method with those of another. Both qualitative and quantitative used were legitimate and helpful in assisting to address the compilation and analysis of information. The differences between both methods were identified, and it was understood that they varied primarily in their analytical objective, while qualitative methods are not keen in what is true or false or what can be proven or disproved. Quantitative on the other hand, produce data through the use of a large scale survey. The possibility of doing a research project should not prevent researchers from considering ethical issues, and aiming at the principle of one having the informed approval from the appropriate review board where the rights of human participants are protected. In the final discussion and analysis of data collected during the investigation, one has to be conscious of the fact that interpretation of the findings must be logically based before making any declaration.

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The Inaccessible Inner Life of Wakefield Essay -- Wakefield Stories Es

The Inaccessible Inner Life of â€Å"Wakefield† â€Å"All these—all the meanness and agony without end I sitting looking out upon, See, hear, and am silent.† –Walt Whitman We are presented with a piece of gossip of a man named Wakefield who leaves his wife for twenty years to live in a house the next street over. If this story were workshopped in a present-day fiction writing class, it would be argued that this story has interesting elements but is not, as a whole, an interesting story-- that the story lies within Wakefield’s motivation for leaving or within the reaction of Wakefield’s wife upon the return of her presumed-dead husband, or that the point of view ought to be reconsidered in order to tell the full story. Much of contemporary fiction attempts to tell the story that satisfies the collective urge to know another human being entirely, to finally understand another person’s story. The story of â€Å"Wakefield,† however, admits in the Puritan vein that the story we all want to know is actually unknowable, and can only be imagined. Through examining the whims of others in fiction, the meaning that can be extracted, however universal it may seem coming from the voice of the narrator, is in the end a projection out of our own selves. â€Å"Wakefield† is not about the narrator, the curious plotline, or even about Wakefield himself. â€Å"Wakefield† is about the telling of these things. The first sentence presents the entire plot of â€Å"Wakefield,† obtained from â€Å"some old magazine or newspaper,† stating from the beginning that the story that follows is not only based on heresy but is, in fact, entirely heresy itself. Why would a reader continue reading when the ending is spoiled in the first line and the story is admittedl... in our lives, and we prove it by finding meaning in his. With his grand conclusion, the narrator warns us that if you step outside the norms of a system, you may become the Outcast of the Universe. But what is it that really makes Wakefield the Outcast of the Universe? Perhaps every man is the Outcast of the Universe when the community attempts to interpret his whims. Why write a story that cannot be told? Why read a story that cannot be told? To feel as though one can tell a story, that one can read a story and be one with a narrator, to feel united, and yet to know, on some level, that we all are Outcasts of the Universe. It is both terrifying and comforting to realize that the community, united and whole, in which we pretend to reside, is in fact a faà §ade for the community of outcasts that struggle to find meaning in one another in order to survive.

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History of Marijuana :: American History Weed Medicine Essays

History of Marijuana Marijuana has been used both recreationally and medicinally for centuries. There are numerous accounts of its medicinal qualities in multiple historical artifacts. Its use dates back to 2737 B.C. when the Chinese emperor, Shen Nung, used it for medicinal purposes including malaria, gout, poor memory, rheumatism, and analgesia (Carter et. al., 2003). Eastern Indian documents, in the Atharvaveda, dating back to 2000 B.C. also refer to its medicinal use. The Jamestown settlers cultivated hemp produced by the marijuana plant. They used these fibers to make clothing, rope, and canvas because of its quality and durability. Physicians in the 19th century were prescribing cannabis as a pain reliever, an anticonvulsant, and for migraine headaches (Doweiko, 2002). Following his work in India in the 1840's William O'Shaughnessy introduced medicinal marijuana to the United Kingdom. Queen Victoria used marijuana for dysmenorrhoea during the same time period (Carter et. al., 2003). Smoking marijuana recreationally began to spread in the United States in the 1920's. It began to spread from Mexico and New Orleans up the Mississippi river. Jazz musicians, labor workers, and river boatmen were quickly taking to its euphoric effects (Gettman, 1995). Smoking marijuana also became more popular during Prohibition when more people began cultivation of the plant and importing it into the U.S. to replace alcohol (Doweiko, 2002). In 1942, marijuana was removed from the United States Pharacopoeia and the Federal Government began to criminalize non-medicinal marijuana possession and use (Carter et al., 2003). Marijuana became extremely popular in the 1960's and, today, is considered the most widely used illicit drug in the world, Canada, and the United States (Gettman, 1995). Pharmacology and Chemistry of Marijuana Cannabis is known to contain over 400 chemicals in which about 70 are classified as plant cannabinoids. The human body produces naturally occurring cannabinoids. The cannabinoids are lipophilic. Delta-8 and Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) have been found to produce most of the psychoactive effects of marijuana (Carter et al., 2003). Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol appears to be the most abundant cannabinoid and the main source of cannabis' impact. Cannabidiol is the second most predominantly active ingredient. It becomes Tetrahydrocannabinol as the cannabis plant matures and the T etrahydrocannabinol then breaks down into cannabinol Approximately 40 percent of the plant's resin in some strains of cannabis are cannabidiol. Each cannabis strain differs in

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Preistley’s main aim Essay

Preistley’s main intension in â€Å"An Inspector Calls† is to show the immorality in society. He accomplishes this by having each character take on a separate stereotype of pre-war society. Birling is the industrious businessman, cold hearted and tight fisted. Mrs. Birling is the bossy, maternal wife who has no sympathy for any one who crosses her strict moral barriers. Eric, the son, is a loose cannon, a young man with mean parents who he cannot look to for help. Sheila is the almost spoilt daughter, who is all too quick to use her power, but still feels remorse later. Gerald is a slightly mature Eric. Still a bit irresponsible, he has the right set of morals and is engaged to Sheila at the beginning of the play. Finally, Inspector Goole is the collective conscience of the group. Each of the characters matures slightly over the course of the play, excluding the parents who seem to be set in their ways. Right the way through the play Birling shows himself to be steadfastly rightwing. His views on society are that there is no such thing and that it is every man for himself. He is shown as having few kind emotions and is mostly celebrating Shelia’s wedding because of the business opportunities it will bring. Preistley is trying to show that these views are wrong. He does this at two levels. One is the more obvious – he has been cast as the evil character that is mean to everyone. The other way is subtler. In all his predictions Birling is wrong as these two quotes show – â€Å"And I say there isn’t a chance of war. The worlds developing so fast that it’ll make war impossible. † â€Å"Why, a friend of mine went over this liner last week – the Titanic – she sails next week – forty six thousand eight hundred tons – New York in five days – and every luxury – and unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable† The play was set in 1912 but performed in 1946, so the audience would know that he was wrong about these thing and would subconsciously imagine him as wrong, making them more inclined to agree with Preistley’s view of an ideal society. Birling’s actions and behaviour towards the other characters is typical of a right wing, pompous businessman. He treats all his offspring as tiny children, when they are both old enough to be married. His workers are treated like dirt, fired for wanting a slightly better wage. The Inspector is referred to as a crank, but only once he has left the house. The only person Birling treats fairly apart from himself is his wife, of whom he still takes a slightly lower view than she deserves.

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Impact of Wikileaks on the Global Political and Economic Landscape Essay

Introduction WikiLeaks website has changed the profession of journalism in the United States and the media perspective with its flow in the information society. The website is a platform that helps unmask all the corruption activities going on in the government offices. Of all the media platforms WikiLeaks is the most famous for the news updates on political matters happening in the states and around the globe. Wilileaks has contributed to several media conflicts especially between the United States and other nations and that is why the government does not support its activities at all. In my essay, I am going to explore the various ways in which WikiLeaks has helped unmask several criminal and corruption activities going on in the country. Although some of its news are a bit compromising to the security and dignity of the nation the platform has given light to the people of the United States of America. Wikileaks is a non-profitable and non-commercial internet platform that was introduced in 2006 by Julia Assage. It relies on online donation for all its functioning and funding. Its main purpose is to upload documents that help expose the government and corporate institutions to the public. These documents are uploaded anonymously by using an online submission form. The importance of this platform is that it has the potential to make known the scale of brutality and violence especially in the military welfare. Political honesty is a virtue that every U S politician should exercise and with the help of Wikileaks they have no option but observe it. In other words, a journalist platform watchdog makes secrets transparent to all and especially those involving the public. Most media organization has tried to view groups like WikiLeaks in several dimensions with most of them considering its concrete actions as one of the online activism and the impacts of its actions. It is important to first note the relationship between the two groups, media and government. In most incidences the media always seems to be conflicting with the government over issues regarding the people. Platforms like WikiLeaks are great threat to the state government especially in issues of corruption and law (Shirky, 2011, p.41). Through their online activism, Anonymous and WikiLeaks groups have their power to â€Å"unmask† power structures like the corrupt police departments in the US, and all the Armison brutality activities. While WikiLeaks has gained fame as a whistle blowing site since its introduction in 2006, its reputation increased when it released the so-called Iraq and Afghanistan war document in 2010. This document contained crucial and important information about the events that took place and the people and nations responsible for the war. The United States government was not happy with the release of these documents as they posed great danger of terror attacks by either Iraq or Afghanistan. These two countries are known for their fierce terrorism activities and interfering with them would be like provoking them. The release of these documents brought about a number of questions concerning the legal implication of journalism freedom with top government officials claiming that too much freedom will lead to misuse of information or misinterpretation of some crucial and sensitive information (Springer, 2014, p.411).Actions of WikiLeaks have affected the media platform in various concrete ways. The likes of Tambini and Lynch have tried to investigate the implication of WikiLeaks work and the measures to regulate the censorship of related sites especially in the UK and US. They argue that whistle blowing organizations should be awarded protection under the law on their ability to â€Å"self-regulate† and â€Å"develop† ethical principles to govern their freedom of publication and decisions they make on their work. The platform poses a great threat to the government and politicians and there are fears that if allowed to continue with its activities it will cause a lot of harm to the U S government by exposing sensitive government secrets to the world. Other nations also feel that WikiLeaks should be restricted on some publications because some of the information it exposes might cause a lot of friction especially between nations. The advancement of WikiLeaks since its establishment up to the publication of the Iraq and Afghanistan document was marked by a degree of media fascination, which made it gain a lot of fame compared to other media platforms. This posed a great threat to the media personalities who felt that WikiLeaks was gaining fame with each passing day making their work very difficult to appeal their audience. Its turnaround moment came in 2010 and continued to 2011 when the organization produced a lot of materials and documents regarding the Iraq war, the Collateral Murder Video and the diplomatic cable. There have been several attempts by media organizations to look down on the role of cites like WikiLeaks and deny them the freedom to post confidential documents although these attempts have not succeeded because the platform is under the media authority which protects all its activities. It also describes itself as a watchdog for the people â€Å"we believe that it is not only the people of the United States who should keep their government honest but also people from other countries† and that is why other countries are also opposing Wikileaks activities. (Pozen, 2013, p.635). We can say that wikiLeaks has played a great role in ensuring that congress does not abuse the powers granted to it and its members. He makes information about organizations that abuse powers granted to them available to the public and so they are aware of what their leaders do this makes leaders very keen on what they do. Anonymous submission of analyzed documents about the various activities going on in public offices and organizations are presented on the WikiLeaks website enabling millions of viewers to have knowledge of what is happening behind the curtains of power. The difference between WikiLeaks and other sites like Wikipedia is that it engages mostly in the political struggles. The use of media has become a trend in the United States making the latter transparent and exposing those who try to abuse office powers granted to them. Today we live in a world where technology is the main aspect to shaping the lives of many people. The internet is now being used as an eye of power to tackle various aspects of crimes performed by leaders especially in third world countries (Coleman, 2014, p.406). Based on various aspects of tradition we can define power as the â€Å"disposition over the means required to influence various processes and decisions in our daily lives.† this means that the power to control several issues like political influences and distribution of resources can be distributed in a more systematic way. Democracy is the only way to ensure there is equal distribution and exercise of both political and cultural powers. Organizations like WikiLeaks exist because we live in an era where political and cultural powers are not exercised fairly as expected. Any government that exercises its powers as expected should not have any worries about organizations set to scan their activities. They should instead be supporting such groups so that they can display their good work on these sites. The United States government highly opposes such organizations like Wikileaks because they are afraid that their dirty linens will be exposed to the public. Analysis shows that the most important element of WikiLeaks is to make the Obama government practice transparency in their works and offices, establish a more transparent, and open government. The platform defines itself as a liberal project that protects the rights of the United States people especially freedom of speech because it strengthens democracy by exposing government corruption. He places his emphasis on documenting government and corporate irresponsibility and abuse of powers. This shows the general public that the corrupt government is the main problem in the world’s economy and is pulling development behind. Instead of improving the livelihood of their nations politicians are busy engaging themselves embezzling funds and resources meant to improve the development of their citizens. There has been an emerging body geared at seeking a framework to examine the works of WikiLeaks and its impact on the current situation in the U S. The widespread use of technology has made his work a success in various ways and has brought a great impact to the world’s economy. Following the publication of the Iraq documents the United States government heavily criticized WikiLeaks work. The government claimed that these documents were a great threat to the security of their country and could put the citizens at a very high risk of terror attacks by the Afghanistan government (Springer, 2014, p.411). The truth about the WikiLeaks documents is that they got the potential and ability to make visible the amount of brutality and violence especially in military horror conflicts during their activities because some use a lot of brutality on their subjects. The site is political based since most of its news come from the political arena, although many view it as a threat to ruling groups and they see it as an enemy. Instead criticizing such cites we should base our efforts in monitoring the governance offered by our political leaders. We should ask ourselves are our political leaders meeting all our demands and expectations. Do they take advantage of the powers granted to them to abuse office? In fact, we should ensure that we capture every activity they undertake so that we can be sure of what they do with our money. They should be aware that the public is watching their every move and be conscious of their actions. There has been a problem with scientists arguing that the journalism powers and freedom granted to these sites are too much and they are using them inappropriately to create biased information. Most leaders are unable to verify the facts stated in the articles because they do not have a strong background. This makes the general public doubt their potential and innocence in the accused incidents. Some of these articles have very confidential information about the government and exposing them is like displaying the secrets of a state. The scientist claims that there should be a certain limit to the freedom of publication of such documents to the internet because they may cause a great damage in future (Gibson 2013, p. 314). In my study, I have explored several things and have learnt that; journalism benefits from a disclosure of the framework in which it is built. A journalism model is bound to directly or in directly affects the model in which leaking of important documents will be exposed to the public. In my opinion, WikiLeaks models are the most effective journalism models since they abide to the entire ethic. Real life cases are always the best examples to handle and solve situations and that is why it is advisable in some situations to leave behind the easy scenarios to get the best outcome to fit in the world. Most critiques of Wikileaks have released their anger by claiming that exposing secret documents will pose great danger to Americans. For instance, if you expose concrete information about a certain terror group the group is bound to take revenge on you by conducting a terror attack on you. Some of the publishers do not look at the possibilities of posing danger to the people but stick to the fact that the public has the right to know what is happening around them regardless of the intensity of the matter. It is therefore advisable that these journalists are cautious of what they publish to the public to avoid any conflicts. I believe that journalists have the right to publish what they want and help the public know about their government on the basis that they abide by the rules put in place to govern their publications. References Curran, G, & Gibson, M 2013, ‘WikiLeaks, Anarchism and Technologies of Dissent’,  Antipode,   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   45, 2, pp.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   294-314, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 28 November    2014. Springer, S, Chi, H, Crampton, J, McConnell, F, Cupples, J, Glynn, K, Warf, B, & Attewell, W   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   2012, ‘Leaky   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Geopolitics: The Ruptures and Transgressions of WikiLeaks’,  Geopolitics,   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   17, 3, pp. 681-711,    Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 28 November   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   2014. Youngblood Coleman, D 2014, ‘United States: 2014 Country Review’,  United States Country Review, pp.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   1-981, Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 28 November   Ã‚  Ã‚   2014. Coleman, DY 2014, ‘Afghanistan’,  Afghanistan Country Review, pp. 2-406, Business Source   Ã‚   Complete,   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   EBSCOhost, viewed 28 November 2014. Pozen, DE 2013, ‘The Leaky Leviathan: Why The Government Condemns   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   And Condones   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Unlawful Disclosures Of Information’,  Harvard   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Law Review, 127, 2, pp. 512-635,   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 28   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   November 2014. Shirky, C 2011, ‘The Political Power of Social Media’,  Foreign Affairs, 90, 1, pp. 28-41,   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Academic Search   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 28 November 2014.