Monday, October 21, 2019

In Montgomery, Enrichment vs. Inequality essays

In Montgomery, Enrichment vs. Inequality essays The article, In Montgomery, Enrichment vs. Inequality told of how the Montgomery Country Schools are being put under scrutiny and criticism of allowing PTAs the privately fund school construction and other major events that have great impact on one individual school. The critics are saying that the appearance and the advantage of a public school should all be the same because it gives a service to the public, not the kids in that specific tax bracket. The supporters say if they can afford to better improve their child education then why should competing inner city schools hold them down. I think this issue seems quite simple in my opinion, even though can understand the opponents of it. If the schools PTA is able to make improvements for the school then why not. The PTA is established to create a good environment for the parent teacher relationship to better help the student get a good education. And what not better help with education than better books, computers, or high tech security? I understand that not all schools have that opportunity but sometimes it seems thats the way it goes. The reason why people try to succeed in life is to supply a better life for their children, that is instilled in education. Education is the basis for everything why do so why shouldnt parents be able to provide what the government cant? This article poignantly introduces the issue of classicism in Americas schooling system. I think us, as high school students need to focus more on the issue of clasism because it is the basis of much discrimination. I think as peer trainers we need to understand economics play a major factor in the role of specific racial cultures. We cant deny the fact they shape many races futures. As peer trainers we need to be sensitive to the fact and try to get kids not to discriminate on the appearance of clothing, cars, houses, or anything that could be measured by worth. When ...

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