Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Success Story of David Robert Joseph Beckham Essay

Success Story of David Robert Joseph Beckham - Essay Example Success Story of David Robert Joseph Beckham Most of the famous success stories seems to have their respective head-start from a failure. When it comes to understanding and assessing the success story of David Beckham, one can begin with the hardships he underwent during his initial years as a football player. It has been written by a number of writers who have witnessed or interviewed Beckham that his coach or football teachers remain a reason behind Beckham’s increased effort towards football. It was very difficult for him to get his positions in the football team because a common view was observed in the 1990s that players need to have a typical physique i.e. the players have to be tall and have toned muscles etc. Despite such a stereotype, Beckham worked hard to get the training as a football player. It was his determination and effort that he was able to play in a team of fewer than 15 years of age in 1990s. Later on, he played football for a couple of other football club s. The major clubs where Beckham has served most of the years of his football career included Read Madrid, Manchester United, Galaxy etc (Reavis). In the present times, David Beckham has been able to gain a lot of fame that he ended up being the legacy for most of the clubs. Let alone in Manchester United, he has held the captaincy for about fifty-nine times. In addition, he is known as Beckham for his face value has increased up to $1bn (Cujo). Cijo, Mark. You Branding: Reinventing Your Personal Identity As a Successful Brand.

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