Saturday, October 5, 2019

Three ideas(devote one paragragh to each idea) how you might use the Assignment

Three ideas(devote one paragragh to each idea) how you might use the content of our Planning & Evaluation in the future as an adminstrator - Assignment Example The book offers guidance on the importance of project planning in organizations (Sylvia & Sylvia, 2012). Project planning is important if an organization has to achieve its goals and objectives. Project planning help to identify priorities in terms of projects, and which projects should be prioritized for funding. Non-governmental organizations participate in many projects that are aimed at helping the society. Before an NGO participates in a given project, it ensures that it has enough resources that will fund the project. The book offers important information on how planning can be done. Project planning must be consultative with the involvement of all the stakeholders. Consultation helps to come up with the best ways to implement a project to avoid impediments that may face the project. The book offers information about cost-benefit analysis. Cost–benefit analysis is a systematic process used to calculate and compare costs and benefits of a project or decision (Sylvia & Sylvia, 2012).The analysis serves to decide if the investment is sound and provides a basis of comparing projects. As an administrator in a non-governmental organization, I would be able to use cost-benefit analysis to know if a project that my organization intends to undertake has any benefit to the community. An organization can do many projects, but not all of them accrue the same benefits. Cost-benefit analysis will help to determine a project that has a long lasting benefit to the people. As an administrator, I will use cost benefit analysis to establish the amount of money that my organization will pipe into a given project. The analysis will assist to identify the benefits that my organization will get because of investing in a particular project. In my administration role, I will be able to budget for the activities of the organization. Budgeting is critical in order to utilize

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