Friday, October 4, 2019

Pablo Picassos Sculptures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Pablo Picassos Sculptures - Essay Example The essay "Pablo Picasso’s Sculptures" will describe the figure of Pablo Picasso not only as a painter but as a sculptor. There will be discussed "Head of a Woman", one of the first works of the artist. The bronze figure is indeed a masterpiece not because it just represents the surface, more than that it demonstrates the essence and the structure of a woman’s face. Solidity of the sculpture shows that Picasso intended not only to see the beauty of the world, but also to feel it by means of touching physically. The fractured texture of her face, gorge, and hair draws the parallel with human nature; it represents a metaphor for the way people usually experience other human beings. To my mind, the sculpture is about unsolved mystery of being close to a different person. I like the way the sculpture is transformed every time I move my own head, circle it, look closer at the head, or move away from it. I also like the contrast between the clearly showing up soft touches of the master and the sharp lines and contours of the woman’s face. It helps to create the illusion that the artist intends to look beneath the skin of the sculpture. However, it does not seem violent the way he does it. It is a well-known fact the sculpture Head of a Woman helped Pablo Picasso to see the essence of things in a new perspective and served as the basis of the development of Cubism. In fact, one can see with half an eye the connection with the earliest stage of this style of abstract art – Analytical Cubism.

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