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Beauty and Brain

Beauty is not about having a beautiful skin, or body. It's about what's within. If you have a good and a pleasing personality, then you have to consider yourself beautiful from within. In behalf of being beautiful, let's Just don't forget about having a well- functioned brain. Like for example, Joining beauty pageant. People would probably say What is beauty if brain is empty' when Judges must asked you a question. So we must study hard to consider ourselves Beauty and Brain. Beauty is not about having a beautiful skin, or body.It's about what's within. If you have a good and a pleasing personality, then you have to consider yourself beautiful from within. In behalf of being beautiful, let's Just don't forget about having a well-functioned brain. Like for example, Joining beauty pageant. People would probably say What is beauty if brain is empty' when Judges must asked you a question. So we must study hard to consider ourselves Beauty and Brain. From within. In behalf of being beauti ful, let's Just don't forget about having a well- example, Joining beauty pageant.People would probably say What is beauty If brain ourselves Beauty and Brain. Beauty Is not about having a beautiful skin, or body. It's about what's within. If you have a good and a pleasing personality, then you have to consider yourself beautiful from within. In behalf of being beautiful, let's Just don't forget about having a well-functioned brain. Like for example, Joining beauty pageant. People would probably say ‘What Is beauty If brain Is empty' when Judges must asked you a question. So we must study hard to consider ourselves Beauty and Brain.

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Swot of Nescafe

Background Nestle is a Swiss multinational company which was founded in 1866 and finally formed in 1905 by merging two companies, and it is the largest food company in the world which products include breakfast cereals, pet care, ice cream, bottled water, dairy products, baby foods, chocolate and confectionery, sports nutrition, weight management, food service, culinary, chilled and frozen food, healthcare nutrition, drinks as well as coffee, and it launches a presence in almost every country in the world.And it aims at providing good foods, beverages to customers in order to enhance their lives. As we found that Nestle has nearly 8000 brands in worldwide, we decided to focus on Nescafe which is launched in 1938, a brand of instant coffee. The first instant coffee has been developed for seven years, and it has a huge successful after launching during World War II period. And it can be found in 43 countries in worldwide. And it has different types of products in Nescafe, for instance: single serve coffee, house blend, instant coffee in jars and aluminum packs, etc.It has also launched a coffee machine lately which is greatly helpful in expanding their market share in coffee market. Strengths As Nestle is a well known brand in the world, which means it has a certain and broad geographic coverage in world, so this is good for Nescafe to make any further development and it is believed that Nescafe is the major player in coffee market and it has a strong brand names because of associating with Nestle which has mass market share in the world.Besides, Nescafe has various products in different flavor and packing which can be fit into different market segment, for example, it has house blend coffee for customers who can make coffee at home whenever they want, also instant coffee in jars and aluminum packs which offer customers an experience in drinking coffee in everywhere at anytime. Moreover, Nescafe has a great position as UK’s No. 1 soluble coffee brand also dominant instant coffee market in some countries. So it has a certain amount of loyal customers and good word of mouth is guaranteed.Nevertheless, Nescafe is set at a reasonable price that consumers can afford it easily and it can attract more new customers. Weaknesses Although Nescafe has quite a lot of strength, it still has its weaknesses which are coffee market is nearly saturated and people starts concerning health problems; it is because Nescafe has already been introduced coffee in different forms which are no more new forms can be found, which means Nescafe can only expand their market share by extending the product line.Moreover, it has been recently claimed that caffeine is a central nervous system and metabolic stimulant and it has physically and psychological effect on people if consuming too much; and this can be found in coffee, thus, it may cause a decrease in consumption in coffee as people start caring health problems. Opportunity Even if Nescafe has a big success i n coffee market, there are always many opportunities waiting for it.As I have mentioned before that people start concerning their health problem, it will be a weakness also an opportunity for Nescafe. And it is believed that it will be new and long lasting trend for Nescafe to introduce some new kind of coffee, for example, it has already been launched sugar free coffee, it may also develop organic coffee bean or else coffee which has lower caffeine. Furthermore, Nescafe can open up a Nescafe store which is operating like Starbucks or Pacific coffee company.Actually it is a potential opportunity for Nescafe to maximize its profit and increase its market share, because it can sell Nescafe’s products in the store, also adding some food or new flavor of coffee for consumers. On the other hands, Nescafe should keep tracking on the latest trend which is helpful for it to innovate new flavors which can win acceptance, for examples, developing a new flavor like green tea latte in wh atever form. It will definitely gain consumers’ attention and keep strengthening customers’ loyalty.Last but not least, Nescafe can try to tie-up with some restaurants to provide its products, in order to spread its product all over the world and customers can buy and enjoy it everywhere. Threat Somehow, Nescafe is facing some threats like Starbucks which is an experienced and well known coffee shop that may drag its market share away. Besides, some coffee lovers may in love with the freshness of Starbucks which is selling just in time coffee.Plus, there will always be some instant coffee brands with relatively lower price; it is affecting Nescafe that some instant coffee lovers would like to choose the brands according to price instead of quality. And now the world is facing inflation, so does Nescafe is confronting the same problem. It is because inflation leads the cost of Nescafe rise, and Nescafe have to balance between cost and quality which it cannot lower the q uality standard to decrease the cost. Vice versa, it has a rising cost caused by keeping good quality standard.

Cinderella/Everafter Comparison

Sarah Hubbard September 19, 2010 Children’s Lit Review/Analysis One EVERAFTER/A CINDERELLA STORY Cinderella is a classic childhood fairy tale of a young woman who’s mother and father both die, leaving her with a wicked stepmother and two wicked stepsisters. There have been several movies portraying this classic tale. One of which is Everafter starring Drew Barrymore. In this movie a girl loses her father and mother leaving her to be a servant for her stepmother.She meets a prince and falls in love. In another Cinderella type story line A Cinderella Story starring Hilary Duff, a girl who loses her parents end up with her stepmother and two sisters. She falls in love with the popular boy in school, who ends up being her prince charming. Both movies are based on the same classic fairy tale yet they differ from each other and the classic story. The storyline of Everafter is more similar to the classic tale than that of A Cinderella Story.Everafter has all of the usual simil arities to the classic version for example, her parents die, she ends up with her evil stepmother and two evil stepsister (one of these sisters ends up being good in the end), she falls in love with a prince, she gets help from two woman working in her house, she loses her glass slipper, prince charming finds her and presents her with her glass slipper and they live happily ever after. In the version known to most children, Cinderella does not fall in love with the prince until she goes to the ball and has to be home before midnight.In this movie she meets the prince while he is borrowing a horse from her manor. She dresses up like a countess and he falls in love with her. At the ball when she goes to tell him who she really is, he gets mad and she runs away, losing her glass slipper. In the children’s version of the story the prince goes house to house trying to find the one who fits into the slipper and she will be his bride. In Everafter, the prince realizes what he has lo st and goes to her house only to find she has been sold. He then has to go rescue her and presents her with her glass slipper.In both stories they live happily ever after. A Cinderella Story varies much more. This movie is set in present time and in America, whereas the others are thought of as older times and set in Europe. This movie still has the classical story line but with a twist. She lives with her step mom and two step sister, she does all their chores, there is a boy whom she falls in love with, she has help from a woman who has been her friend for all of her life, there is a search for the mystery girl, and she drops something when she is running away because it is midnight.That is where the similarities end. There are many more differences from the classic tale in this modern day movie. The character Sam (Cinderella) and Austin (prince charming) exchange emails and chat online before meeting. Austin has a girlfriend who is mean to Sam. After finding out who Sam really is Austin does not fall in love with her right away. Sam tell Austin to stop pretending to be someone he is not and then Austin shows who he really is and only then can prince charming fall in love with Cinderella. They go off to Princeton together and live happily ever after.I enjoyed Everafter more than I did A Cinderella Story because Everafter seems more of a fairy tale, more of a dream or fantasy. Whereas A Cinderella Story seems like it could happen in everyday life. For me, I would rather fantasize that I could be a princess and find my prince than fantasize about talking to a boy on the Internet and going off to college with him. I think that the differences in A Cinderella Story did detract from the experience for me. On the other hand I think in Everafter the differences enhanced the movie.For example, getting to know the relationship between Cinderella and the prince enhance the love you feel for the characters. In the Cinderella I knew as a kid it was more like love at fir st sight. In this movie their love grows in to a relationship, which makes it seem more likely to actually happen. These movies would attract a child viewer because every little girl knows the story of Cinderella. The modern day twist may make a little girl believe that something like this could actually happen to her and learn from the moral of the story.I think that Everafter would be more appealing to a young girl because what little girl doesn’t want to be a princess. Both of these stories shows that in the end good things happen to good people and the bad guys get what they deserve. I think that is a very inspiring message to send to a child. I would recommend both of these movies to everyone. There is no inappropriate language or messages that would be offensive to anyone. Everafter is one of my all time favorite movies and I have never heard anybody say anything bad about it.This movie would be appropriate for little kids, teenagers, young adults, adults and older peop le. Both movies are Cinderella type stories so they would probably influence girls more than they would boys. A Cinderella Story is aimed more at teenage girls. Younger girls may also like this movie but older people might think it was for younger more immature kids. In conclusion, the classic fairy tale of Cinderella is portrayed in both of the movies, Everafter, and A Cinderella Story.Each movie has similarities to the classic fairy tale, but Everafter is closer to the original story than A Cinderella Story. A Cinderella Story has a modern day twist, with technology and high school. Everafter on the other hand is set back in time and has a European setting. Both girls in these movies lose their parents and end up serving their stepmothers and step sisters, they both fall in love with someone in a different â€Å"class† than themselves, yet both end up showing the guy that it class doesn’t matter when it comes to love and they all live happily ever after.

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Changing the Electoral College Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Changing the Electoral College - Essay Example Electoral College is a process in which different executives are selected; this is done by the people of the state such that they choose a number of persons classified as electors. Further it is described that the elector is the one who participates in the electing of the executive. Why it is called as an Electoral College is because all these electors work as a unit in determining the executive. Thus in the early 1800's, this term Electoral College came into common usage as the informal label for the group of citizens selected to cast votes for President and Vice President. Selecting the Electors is an important task to be understood. However in the United States this process for selecting electors varies throughout. Usually, the political parties name electors at their State party conventions or by a central vote from the designated committee. Electors are often chosen to identify their service and commitment to their political party. The Electors may be State elected officials, party leaders, or even those person who have a political affiliation of some sort. Next the voters in each State opt for the electors on the day of the general election. As the procedure is different in each state therefore the electors' names may or may not be shown on the ballot below the name of the candidates running for President. Past Present Contrast In the present circumstances the Electoral College certainly operates in a different civilization from the one that present in 1787. Nevertheless the Electoral College has exposed an astounding capability to adapt to modern-day America. It may occasionally function in a different way than expected, but it still serves the political goals it was anticipated to serve. In truth, its process in modern times may be yet more valuable. Critics of the "Electoral College" charge that the country's presidential election procedure does more to constrict the rights of individuals than to shelter federalism. In this framework, they often refer to the winner-take-all system regulated by most states, claiming that it causes the votes of several individuals to be wasted. The 2000 election dispute As this dispute goes, it could be seen that a Texan who voted for Al Gore in the 2000 election wasted his ballot for the reason that George W. Bush was awarded the state's complete slate of electors due to the "winner-take-all" regime. In a direct accepted ballot vote, critics note, these votes would not have been wasted, they could have instead been integrated in the final national tally for Gore. Such points of views, however, are a bit untruthful. These votes were not wasted. They were merely transmitted on the losing side of a popular vote inside the state. For this argument, if the 2000 election had been carried out based on nationwide popular vote totals only, would people assert that any vote for George W. Bush was wasted just because Al Gore won the popular vote Surely this would not have been the case as the votes for Bush were cast in an attempt to win. Presidential Elections The main outcome of America's presidential election progression is to safeguard the liberty of individuals mainly those in small states and

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Mall of America Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mall of America - Case Study Example Some of the criteria that the Mall of America should consider when adding new facilities to its complex include the retail mix offered and family focus (Kotler and Keller, 2008). Previous successes already indicate that the mall is a haven for whole focus, so new facilities must be able to add to the qualities it already has. For example, retail stores should be evaluated depending on the kind of services that it introduces into the complex. For example, if apparel has already been catered for, the complex should focus on bringing in new qualities that ensure that all aspects of the consumer are covered. On entertainment offerings, since the area of children is already covered, the Mall of America should go for gender segmentation. Finally, hotels should be able to offer factors like lodging, which will be a factor for encouraging tourists to visit the location. The Mall of America is already a huge success with the local people, but to increase its presence both for the local metrop olitan visitors and visitors from outside, the mall should utilize the importance of marketing information. With specific information from patrons, the mall will be able to figure out any new needs that the consumers have, which will then be used to increase market share. The mall should also diversify on product coverage in order to cover as many demographics as possible, which will also help in attracting new clients and retaining old ones from the metropolis and outside.

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It's Beginning To Hurt by James Lasdun Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

It's Beginning To Hurt by James Lasdun - Essay Example According to Brooks, the Sultan lived in great luxury. Brooks also points out that the Sultan had ruled for at least 50 years and accumulated riches, honors and pleasures of all kind (Brooks SR1).   However despite the vast amounts of wealth he possessed, the Sultan discovered that he was only genuinely happy for 14days during in his entire reign. In the story of anxious man, Ladsun writes about a man, Joseph Nagel who is in a situation where he knows very well that he cannot control. Nagel goes for a vacation with his wife and daughter. He works as a dealer in antique prints and furniture shop and his wife is a web designer. Contrary to the Sultan in Brook’s story who is extremely rich, it is clear that Nagel’s family lives a modestly comfortable life. Nagel’s wife inherits some money and they both decide to invest it in Wall Street. The stock market later presents the two with an irrepressible reality (Ladsun 3). They cannot sell their shares when ahead because they might miss on the chance to sell at a higher rate in future and they cannot sell when they are down, because of losses and the market might change for the better. Therefore, they cannot get out and cannot sell. This is a problem that torments Nagel even when they are on their vacation. In Brook’s story readers learn that humans have put much effort in pursuit of pleasure, happiness and wealth to  alleviate their misery. However, he is quick to note that the pursuit of these elements in life has only prolonged humans suffering. In addition to prolonging suffering, human being’s pursuit of pleasure, happiness, fame and wealth has also created a disconnect in the society. Therefore, he asserts that people continue to be selfish in their lives and acquire wealth through any unfair mean necessary. Thus, humans have lived by the principle of loving material things and not their fellow human being (Brooks SR1). This is why he applies the term

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Marijuana and Teen Use Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marijuana and Teen Use - Essay Example Thirteen percent of the teen smokers smoked marijuana before cigarettes. Interestingly, more than three quarters of the African American adolescent smokers reported marijuana use before tobacco use. Anecdotal reports have suggested that this practice exists among youth. It is possible that marijuana is more readily accessible to African American than European American teens (SAMHSA, 2001), especially with the increased use of "blunts" (gutted cigars filled with marijuana) in African American communities (Ford, Hong, & Anthony, 2002). The family and peer group have been identified as two of the most important elements in understanding adolescent marijuana use. While the results are not unequivocal, research has largely demonstrated that associating with peers who use illicit substances is one of the strongest predictors of adolescent marijuana use. Parental influences have also been found to be significant predictors of teen alcohol, tobacco, and drug use, including the nature of parental supervision and monitoring, the quality of parental-child attachment, and the history of parental substance use. "It is not clear how early use of marijuana might be related to later substance problems. Although this study suggests that genetic and environmental factors alone cannot explain the risk, Lynskey and Heath say those factors clearly play some role. They believe it also is likely that people who use marijuana at a young age may be more likely to be involved in a lifestyle that will put them at increased risk for a whol e range of problems." (Lynskey & Heath, 2003) "There is something about tobacco that if parents smoke, their kids are more likely to smoke. It may be that parents who smoke might leave cigarettes around where their children can see and get to them. Parents may not leave marijuana and alcohol around in the same way." ( In addition to the direct associations that peer and parenting factors have with adolescent marijuana use, recent research has explored whether there exist mediating or moderating effects between the two sets of factors. Indeed, some evidence exists that controlling for peer use does mediate the association between adolescent peer use and related family process variables, such as parental attachment, discipline, and supervision. Some have interpreted this mediation effect as evidence that peer influences are part of an intervening chain of relations that stem from differences in family processes (e.g., supervision, discipline, parental attachment), which ultimately increase the risk of adolescen t marijuana use. In fact, some research suggests that the quality of parenting predicts the level of exposure to delinquent friends the stronger the quality of parenting, the less likely the teen is to have access to deviant peers or to select them as friends. "In general, the marijuana-users were more behaviorally deviant, less involved with school and had friends their parents didn't like, the researchers found". (Anita, 2006) Indeed, the prevailing explanations of how and why family structure is associated with adolescent marijuana use reinforce the notion that family structure

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Pursing Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Essay - 1

Pursing Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement - Essay Example Several strict regulations in law enforcement were introduced because of which similar terrorist attacks could be avoided after 2001. Though law enforcement brought numerous positive changes, it also resulted in inconvenience to public in terms of free movement and employment and government could successfully handled the public resistance. In future, the big challenges for law enforcement would be in the form of terrorism, regionalism and drug trafficking. The coordination of US Police department with the law enforcement agencies of other nations like Mexico and Columbia would certainly help in reducing the crime rate including drug trafficking. It is predicted that the law enforcement would be highly flexible and dynamic in nature for successfully handing these challenges. Key words : law enforcement, criminal justice, terrorism, drug trafficking a. What is your definition of justice as it relates to the law enforcement? Explain the origins of law enforcement. Discuss how you intend to promote your definition of justice in your intended criminal justice career. Equal treatment of persons in the circumstances of unfair means is most important for any welfare society. Justice is needed to be provided to the people when they are subjected to ill treatment in the society. Hence, justice can be defined as any type of practice which helps the people to get reasonable compensation or treatment so that fair means of utilities and services would be guaranteed. In other words, justice means the process of facilitating and doing right things (Sandel, 2009). This holds more relevance when criminal acts are committed in the society. We regularly come across different incidents in the world related to forceful killings, rape, sabotage and drug trafficking etc. and the persons who are affected due to this must be provided with the sufficient justice and at he same time, the other people in the society should be provided with right and safe environment for dignified way of li fe. The justice can be provided by various measures like framing rules in the form of legislation, enforcing the same through police or any other parallel law control system and through thorough judicial review and through corrections in the form jail reforms (Mays and Ruddell, 2007). In other words, the justice can be ensured only by establishing these three different components of criminal justice system i.e. law enforcement through police, law adjudication through courts and corrections in the form of jails and parole (Siegel and Senna, 2007). Since time immemorial, the people were subjected through various criminal justice procedures and irrespective of the region, the Kings used to appoint some specific experienced noble persons for providing the justice based on case to case. One common principle in all these types of criminal justice procedures is to apply the element of truth finding and analysis after going through all the related parties of the incident and delivering judg ment in favor of the affected persons or victims. While delivering the judgment, the emphasis was always given to create an element of fear among other people that they would be punished strictly if indulged in illegal activities and this helped the society to find less criminal rate. This has given foundation for the modern courts and their legal principles through out the world. At the same time, in some of the cases based on the merit, the opportunity was

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Marketing planning Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Marketing planning - Assignment Example The company is planning to expand its base. For this company will has started analyzing the market and choosing one product which the company will be promoting in the initial phase of the expansion. Task 1 The current business environment is constantly changing. The market is facing volatile changes which are affecting the overall planning of the companies as well. Thus, it is very important for any organization or organizes a proper and strategic marketing planning in order to survive and sustain in this volatile environment. A proper marketing planning is always helpful in properly organization activities and strategies used for future action. Marketing planning can be described as analyzing potential market places and marketing activities with the aim of determining how a business can optimize these potential markets. Planning process has changed over the years. For example, the planning process was much less competitive during the last century. The current market is ever changing and flooded with a large number of new products and services on a daily basis. Today’s consumers have much more options in terms of choosing between similar products and categories, compared to 10-15 years ago. This has also decreased the brand loyalty among consumers. To remain competitive in the current market, the food chain has to constantly update its marketing planning according to changing internal as well as external environment. In order to cope with the volatile environment, it is very important for the organization to have sustainable resources. Below is the resource based view of the organization. Tangible Resources Infrastructure, warehouse property and design of the chain of restaurants constitute the physical resources of the brand. Apart from these, the organization also has products such as brewing machines, facilities such as transportation and logistics. Though the organization does not boast a high financial resource, the company is fast growing and more and more investors are turning their head towards this newly popular organization. The organization can utilize this opportunity by collaborating with other investors as well as companies and grow its base in local as well as international locations. Intangible Resources The organization has created a powerful brand image and come a long way from the time it was established. Because of the increase brand image as well as overall brand equity, the organization has successfully created a niche in the fast food market. As a result, the market base of Eat Limited is continuously increasing. Apart from this, the organization has maintained a cordial relationship with its shareholders and other investors. This is helped in building overall trust among the investors and shareholders. Product diversification, service quality and availability of the brand in the major locations have made Eat Limited a local leader in affordable and quality fast food service provider. Research, development, m arketing capability and creativity in new generating new products has provided a differentiated advantage for the brand. Apart from this, efficient and well trained human resource is strength for the organization. Capabilities Determining the capabilities and key resources of an organization is the fundamental starting point of any business strategy. The utilization of a company’s capabilities and resources with the aim of gaining competitive advantage defines the objective of resource management. According to

Reseach Paper on Chronic Diabetic Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Reseach on Chronic Diabetic - Research Paper Example Type  2 diabetes was found to be controlled by providing medications. Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are  chronic conditions which are not possible to be cured completely. It is characterized by disruptions in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein in the body (Bilotta, 2008, p.236). There are two primary forms of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes - If a person has Type 1 diabetes his body will not make insulin on its own. It occurs in any individual and is treated by taking dosage of insulin shots daily or by an insulin pump. The patients need to maintain a regulated diet plan. Type 2 diabetes – This is the commonest form of diabetes. If a patient suffers from Type 2 diabetes, his body will show resistance to insulin. Type 2 diabetes is semi curable in nature. It is often hereditary in nature and occurs mainly in people who are above 40. Type 2 diabetes can be treated with proper exercise and weight (National Kidney Foundation, 2007, p.4). Physical i nactivity or a sedentary lifestyle can also lead to Type 2 diabetes (STEWART, 2005, p.196). Pathophysiology and assessment of the disease Diabetes mellitus (DM) or simply diabetes results from either insulin deficiency or the resistance to endogenous insulin. This deficiency in insulin compromises with the access of the body tissues to essential nutrients (Bilotta, 2008, p. 236). All forms of the disease increases the risk that can lead to long-term complications. These symptoms typically show after several years like almost after 10 to 20 years but it can be seen as the first form of the symptom in the patient who was otherwise not diagnosed before. The common symptoms of diabetes are polyuria, polyphagia, weight loss, fatigue etc. The complications that can arise out of these symptoms include cardio vascular diseases, blindness or retinopathy, nephropathy, cognitive depression, hyperglycemia etc. While assessing the symptoms for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, the physicians can check for symptoms like frequent urination, dehydration, dry mucous membrane, rapid weight loss and increased hunger, nocturnal diarrhea and many more. For Type 1, the symptoms can be develop rapidly while for Type 2, it can be drawn by studying the family history, severe forms of viral infection etc. The physical symptoms seen in case of the diabetic patients can be in the form of changes seen in the legs and feet, muscle wasting, reduced reflexes in the deep tendons of the bones, cataract formation etc (Bilotta, 2008, p.237). Chronic Diabetes harming the kidneys in human body Diabetes can cause severe damage to the kidneys by damaging the blood vessels of the kidney. The filtering sections in the kidney are lined with minute blood vessels. With the passage of time, high sugar level found in the patient’s blood can make the blood vessels to turn narrow and thus clogged. Without getting enough blood, the kidneys tend to be damaged and albumin which is a protein made within the hum an body are passed through these filters which settle in the urine. This is a critical situation as this occurrence of albumin in the urine of the patient is not a very healthy condition (National Kidney Foundation, 2007, p.7). Kidney damage can also harm the nerves in the patient’s body. Nerves of the human body carry messages that are transmitted between the brain and the rest other parts of the body that also includes the urinary bladder.

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Organizational Design of Microsoft Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Organizational Design of Microsoft - Essay Example Ellis and Mayer (2001) state that, 'the extent to which an organisation aligns its strategy with the environment significantly influences the firm's ability to cope with threats and to take advantage of opportunities'. Microsoft is an international company with stakes in almost every nook and corner of the world. Therefore, the company requires having adequate representation in different regions depending upon the strategic nature of the operations and stakes involved. The process of organizing is essentially departmentalization of services and activities of the company. Department implies distinct area, division or branch of a company looking after the performance of specific jobs being looked after the appropriate levels of management. Another important aspect of organizational design is to put a limit to the number of workers or supervisors that a manager can look after effectively. The span of organization depends upon the size of the company and operating area. On the one hand a narrow span organization helps in close control of the activities and better interpersonal communication, it also results in taking away the freedom of the workers on the production floor, because in that case the sup ervisors are always found to be breathing down the neck. On the other hand a wide span organization functions effectively when a number of responsibilities are delegated to subordinates, who in turn try to pass on some freedom to the workers. But such an arrangement also runs the risk of losing control, if there is no control mechanism in place. Similarly, wider spans need to have a reliable mechanism for interdepartmental and interpersonal communication. The 'maintenance and after-sales services' too play an important role in today's market driven economy. Murthy et al. (2002) emphasize that effective maintenance management also requires a multidisciplinary approach where maintenance and customer care is viewed strategically from the overall business perspective. Therefore, while deciding about the design of the organization, companies are supposed to keep track of all such aspects. Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft) was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen when they developed an interpreter for Basic programming language at Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems. Subsequently the company started off its first international office in Japan as ASCII Microsoft in 1978 and thereafter moved to Washington in 1979. It operates mainly in five business segments namely; Client, Server & Tools, Online services business, Microsoft Business Division and Entertainment & Devices division. The Company coordinates its activities with the help of four key operation centres of the company are at; Dublin, Ireland which looks after the Licensing, Manufacturing, Operations and Logistics Humacao, Puerto Rico, USA which takes care of the manufacturing business of the company Reno, Nevada, USA works in close coordination with legal department of the government as it caters exclusively to the Licensing and operations divisions. In addition the company has its centre at Singapore which looks after the Operations and Logistics part It needs to be emphasized here that though Microsoft has operations in many countries around the world, but a cursory look at its

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Song of an Innocent Bystander Essay Example for Free

Song of an Innocent Bystander Essay I am a bad person is Fredas view of herself justified? From the mouths of babes comes the truth. From the time these words are spoken Freda is OGradys favourite hostage, and through this she sees a chance to secure her own safety by staying on his good side. When the siege is over however Freda finds herself represented as a bad person by what Theo wrote on some napkins. Without anyone to tell her shes not bad, she is dominated by Theos view of her as recorded on the napkins. The napkins, which implicate Freda in Theos death, create problems for Freda because, by keeping them secret she is made to feel she has something to hide. It is as a result of these factors that in Fredas view she is a bad person. The bad man. is how Freda refers to John OGrady. Though in implicating OGrady as a bad man Freda is also revealing her view of herself as a bad person. From the very beginning of the siege OGrady took a liking to Freda, calling her honey, an obvious sign of affection. Seeking safety Freda found that by befriending OGrady she could at least have some control of her fate. As she grew older Freda began to feel that being able to connect with OGrady must have meant that she too was as bad as everyone said OGrady was. OGrady was the only person Freda could connect with and the only person who showed any sign of friendliness to her during the siege. At the very beginning of the siege OGrady asks the other hostages to take care of Freda. They all refuse to do so and she is placed in Theos care on OGradys orders. Freda, having witnessed this would have felt unwanted which would make her more vulnerable to OGradys overtures of friendship and her feelings of having been an accomplice in his badness There is something potent about written words. They can be held, scrutinized, each reading taking them further into the soul of the reader, planting them deeper. Fredas mum, in an effort to protect Freda from being slaughtered by the media hid the napkins that Theo had written on and, in effect changed the impact the siege itself for Freda. To a nine-year-olds mind, the only reason to hide such information was because it was either bad  or implicated someone as bad. The napkins became a testimony to Fredas badness. Freda had no counseling after the siege and her mother was busy with lawsuits, seeking compensation for the impact of the siege on the basis of Freda being a victim. Freda let her imagination and her mind seize upon the apparent attack on her innocence that is portrayed in the napkins and fearing being persecuted by the media. She soon found her life dominated by them, to her everyone must be able to see she was bad, everyone must have noticed. In Fredas mind the napkins had been exaggerated to such an extent she could not find any good in herself and was constantly reminded by their presence that, in Theos opinion, she was a crazy little bitch, freakish and, sick in the head. With words like this running through her head it is no surprise that throughout her teens Freda thought herself a bad person. The napkins became a guilty secret and Theos views of Freda were unchallenged by Freda or anyone else, because of this Freda took Theos word for fact and believed that the napkins revealed her true character. That crazy little bitch is telling him to shoot. The napkins implicate Freda in Theos death and OGradys suicide was directly linked to Theos death. Freda, as the sole survivor of the three feels responsible. This leads to guilt and her belief she must be a bad person. During the siege Freda had known the gun was not loaded, OGrady had told her it wasnt. When Freda said Do it (shoot Theo) she wished to scare Theo while OGrady was threatening him. Freda was angry and wanted to punish Theo because Theo was trying to separate her from her way out, which was, she believed, with OGrady. As the siege draws on Freda learns that OGrady has been lying to her and so when he tells her he has loaded the gun Freda doesnt believe him. She doesnt intervene to stop him carrying out his threat to shoot Theo through the door. She probably feels guilty because had she believed him she might have been able to use some of her influence over OGrady to protect Theo. It is this guilt which Freda feels supports her belief that she is a bad person. Freda feels she is bad because of the way she is portrayed throughout Theos napkins. Theos accusatory words and negative perceptions of Freda survive  as testimony after the siege. If Freda had had counseling or been able to give her account of what happened in the siege it would have been unlikely that Theos view of her could have been so powerful in shaping her view of herself. Freda is not a bad person but she has been made to feel like one.

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Electronic Tools as Distribution Channels

Electronic Tools as Distribution Channels Introduction Internet has been recognized as an effective tools which not only provide opportunities for hospitalities organization to present their products and services, but also a platform of getting customer feedbacks and comments. The Internet Distribution System plays a significant role in hospitality distribution channel. The internet has enabled organizations to perform both distribution and marketing communication activities online (Bowie and Buttle, 2011). Hotel webpage allow their guests to reserve and pay online and build a good communication with customer, they can put information and pictures to make their customer know more about this hotel. This research paper based upon the investigation into the importance of using electronic tools as distribution channels which made a significant contribution to Chinas economy. Bowie and Buttle (2011) summaries that a good internet distribution channel help hoteliers to make a better understanding of the different roles that the distribution and marketing communication play in the market mix and it provide time and place utilities or benefits to customers. And how will the different distributional influences on the sales of 5-star hotel in China. The definition of Distribution channels Hayes and Miller (2011) indicated that distribution channel is a source of business customers or a vehicle used to communicate with a source of customers. Distribution channel management is the process by which RMs target customers by promotion room sales among their various selling alternatives and, as a result, optimize revenues. The concept of a distribution channel is relatively simple, but in practice can be extremely complicated, especially for large organizations. The role of distribution is to help customers find information about products and to make purchasing easy. (Bowie and Buttle, 2004) Distribution channel is a hotels circulatory system which provide a steady flow of customers. A well-managed distribution system can make the difference between a market-share leader and a company struggling for survival. In the global market, electronic distribution techniques, and the perishable hospitality products have increased the importance of distribution. (Philip, 2014) Hospitality principals, especially larger companies, need intermediaries to distribute their product either solely or combined with other travel products in a package. Intermediaries sell the principals products customers and are normally paid by the principals. (Bowie and Buttle, 2011) The Development of electronic and hospitality distribution The origins of electronic distribution stemmed from the airlines internal inventory systems developed in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1976 SABRE established the first GDS, followed by Amadeus, Galileo and later World span. Until the early 1990s, hotel electronic channels of distribution were as described as a cosy status quo between the CRS and the GDS. Each system Cooperated, rather than competed, with each other, participants operated a closer user group and relationships were effectively linear, with each participant playing a mutually beneficial role. (OConnor, 2004) Spurred by the internet, electronic hotel distribution is increasingly user intimate, screen oriented, and content rich. (Carroll and Siguaw. 2003) Consequently, by 2005 an estimated 1 in 5 hotel bookings will be made online, up from 1 in 12 in 2002.( Carroll and Siguaw. 2003 ) With the continuing geometric growth of individual access to the Internet the volume of reservation coming directly to hotel from individual will increase dramatically in the next few years.(Hsu and Powers, 2002).Major hotel companies with thousands of bedrooms to fill in hundreds of locations need to use a wide range of distribution channels to reach their targeted customers.( Bowie and Buttle, 2011) The Trends of Distribution channels Leading into a discussion of the current distribution landscape, it would be appropriate to start with the hottest areas of growth: search engines, social media and mobile. These three technologies are the most influential in terms of sheer visits or growth rate in consumer usage. (Green and Lomanno, 2012) Social media: The phenomenon that is growing very quickly in recent times is the social media, and particularly the social networks that deal with travel. With the appearance of the internet, new types of intermediaries have emerged and many systems have established mutual connections. (Buhalis and Law, 2008) Facebook which is the leading social site has 750 million members with 70% outside the United States, and site usage is staggering with 50% of users logging on in any given day, each with 130 friends on average and spending approximately 30 minutes per day on the site. (Green and Lomanno, 2012) Search engines: The players that have achieved the greatest impact in the online travel booking spaces are the search engines (Kracht and Wang, 2010) Google or Yahoo generate millions of travel-related bookings every day and there are millions of new potential search engines enter this market. For example. the world of travel-specific search has recently become a major battleground with Googles acquisition of airfare engine ITA Software followed by the launch of Googles Hotel Place Ads and Hotel Finder products in July 2011.(Green and Lomanno, 2012) Mobile and Mobile APPs: A discussion of distribution is not complete without a significant reference to the importance of mobile. It is likely the single technology category that will most affect every aspect of distribution and yet, it is still largely in development. Many hotels have launched basic mobile-friendly websites, and have had enormous numbers of consumers download apps that assist with travel booking. For example, a discussion of distribution is not complete without a significant reference to the importance of mobile. It is likely the single technology category that will most affect every aspect of distribution and yet, it is still largely in development. Many hotels have launched basic mobile-friendly websites, and have had enormous numbers of consumers download apps that assist with travel booking. (Green and Lomanno, 2012) Travel Reviews This is currently one of the fastest growing phenomena. Webs such as TripAdvisor or (Buhalis and Law, 2008) are already very mature sites and have almost become an obligatory stop for online travel buyers. According to a recent survey by Forrester Research, 30% of online travel buyers read the online advice of other travellers. (Antoni et al, 2013) The power of consumer review sites as a popular form of social media is gaining influence in travel. From the December 2011 spinoff of TripAdvisor (previously an Expedia company), and the emergence of new consumer review-oriented travel sites, it seems that they may create a new type of distribution channel that may be one part each social, inspiration and booking referral site. (Green and Lomanno, 2012) Overview of Electronic Distribution Channels The structure of the travel and tourism industry is continually evolving. There are different structures in different countries depending on the historical development of tourism. Although the vast majority of tourism intermediaries are small, independent organizations, a few major international companies have emerged with dominant market position. From hospitality perspective, intermediaries can be categorized under the following broad headings (Bowie and Buttle, 2011) Traditional distribution channels in the hotel industry: Travel agents: Travel agents are retail business that provide information, advice and booking for individual and group travel in both business and leisure market. The concept of a travel agency is well established in the travel market. They act as an intermediary between customers and principals such as airlines, hotels, car rental companies, attractions, entertainment, event and sporting venues. (Bowie and Buttle, 2011) GDS Global Distribution System: The GDSs were the first electronic channel, predating and the OTAs by several decades. Typically, these systems were used by the broadly defined category of travel agents to book airlines and hotel rooms for their clients. While generally not accessible to the broader public at large, they were a relatively easy way to connect a potential customer with a hotel room. (Green and Lomanno, 2012) CRS/Voice: A Call centre is a central location phone bank, also called a central reservation office (Laura, 2011). Bookings through this channel have accounted for a declining share of both total room reservations and the revenue associated with those bookings for several years now. That decline is evident at both the national level and for each of the chain scale categories. While there has been a decline, the volume is still significant and only slightly less than the channel contribution. (Green and Lomanno, 2012) Property Direct/Other: Groups/meetings, contract business, rooming lists, and walk-ins are all the types of business that fall into this channel category. With this in mind, and knowing it has such a mix of business types, it makes this category the most difficult for the property or brand to manage without parsing it into its component parts by business segment. Due to the large amount of business transacted locally, it is still likely to be several years before any other channel overtakes property direct/other as the most widely utilized booking channel. Emerging Distribution Channels Online Travel Agencies (OTAs): OTA is an acronym for online travel agents, who have the same function as traditional physical travel agents, but the service is conveyed via the Internet. Unlike traditional travel agents, OTA specializes in offering vacation-planning sources and booking resources. (Yu, 2012) Of all the distribution channels the OTA opaque model is probably both the least financially understood model as well as the one that creates the most controversy. It is least financially understood because of the nature of the arrangement with the hotels that keeps the properties from knowing what the guest actually paid for the room. So while the properties know what room rate they receive from the vendor, the differential paid by the consumer on the upside remains unknown to the hotel. (A hotels website): On average about 16% of all hotel room bookings are being made through either the brand or property website referred to in this study as This number grew slightly in 2010 and has been on an upward track since the widespread use of the Internet about a decade ago. (Green and Lomanno, 2012) More and more hotel brands build their own websites and provide booking service on their home pages, which enables customers to be driven from OTAs to their own websites. (Yu, 2012) Mobile Apps: A recent study by BIA/Kelsey concluded that by the end of 2013 local businesses will be receiving three times the number of phone calls as they do currently because of the increase in mobile marketing and smart phone searches. The trend is emerging (Michael, 2012). Over the last five years, mobile has become closely correlated to local. People are looking for a restaurant nearby, a hotel nearby. The Wyndham hotel group has dedicated numbers on its 13 mobile websites, with a dedicated number assigned to every brand. Finally, the increase in call-centre volume has been noticeable (Keith, 2012). Mobile phones will be a great source of business, though this may present issues on the logistical end. If such issues arise, hotels will need more staff to take calls and, the call centre will need to be developed extensively (Harvet, 2012). The implement of Distribution Channel Since the GDS is a Distribution provides two key utilities or benefits to customer. Distribution makes hospitality products and services available when and where customer want them; there are known as time and place utilities, respectively. Online and traditional intermediaries, for example, travel agents and tour operators, help customers to find and choose hospitality and travel products. (Bowie and Buttle, 2011) For several years travel has been the most popular products sold online. The Internet is the perfect medium for selling travel products as it brings together a vast network of suppliers and a widely dispersed customer pool into a centralized market place. (OConnor, 2004) The structure of the travel and tourism industry is continually evolving. In Europe, change drives include the deregulation of air travel and the growth of Internet technology, which can deliver economies of scale and cost savings to the large tourism organization. From an accommodation providers perspecti ve, effective Internet marketing is based upon an understanding of how search engines work, recognizing the importance of destination links, development accessible and easy-to-use websites, developing effective booking engines, and the transparency of pricing. Numerous survey confirm that internet users depend upon search engines and directories when looking for information on the internet Search engines such as Google and Alta Vista Provide an indexed guide to website. Directories or website, grouped into categories such as business, a website needs to ensure that the domain name, destination, text copy. Page titles, description tag and Meta tags are designed to ensure that search engines and directories find the web pages. Optimizing ensure that search engines and directories find the web page. Optimizing easy accessibility for Internet searchers is clearly important for the hospitality brand. (Bowie and Buttle, 2004) The management of distribution channel The hospitality industry varies from other industries significantly due to the perishable and intangible nature of the hospitality service/product. (Bastakis, Buhalis, Butler, 2004) As Bowie and Buttle (2004) said because of the high commission fee which can be 8 present and the norm is 10 present, with certain hotels playing up to 30 present commission on specific products available during the low season and the cost of GDS which can be assumed a $100 per night room rate, the total deductions can be as much as $26.55 (Middleton, 2000), which only leaves $73.45 for hotel (although this dose include an internal company charge of $9 for the hotel chains CRS), some hospitality companies wish to reduce or eliminate. Hospitality companies see the Internet as a means of reducing distribution costs and enabling direct communication with consumers and customers. There can be significant hardware, software and human resources costs attached to developing and operating a direct-to-customer di stribution strategy. From an accommodation providers perspective, effective Internet marketing is based upon an understanding of how search engines work, recognizing the importance of destination links, developing links, developing accessible and easy-to-use website, developing effective booking engines, and the transparency of pricing.( Bowie and Buttle,2004 ) However, hospitality organization will loss of control of a key element in the marketing mix, which can lead to an unhealthy dependence upon intermediaries and it can be closer to the end user, taking ownership of the customer away from the hospitality organization. Reference

Case Study: Challenges to Healthy Ageing

Case Study: Challenges to Healthy Ageing Triumphs and Challenges in Healthy Aging Stacey Obispo Everyone has got a story. Your story along with everyone else’s’ develops as you advance through life. Research theorist have studied the stories of different people and have concluded that a persons’ story develops based on; their personal characteristics, the environment in which they live, time, relationships that they have, life transitions encountered and social change (Hutchinson, 2010). The life course perspective looks at how age, life transitions, relationships and social change has formed people’s lives from birth to death (Hutchinson). Encompassing one’s life course perspective is a path full of twists and turns followed by triumphs and challenges aging brings. In this issue of Healthy Aging, an interview with Crista Doe is shared with readers to show has her her life course perspective has developed thus far and how activity and disengagement theories in aging fair in explaining her level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with aging. Interview with Crista Doe Crista Doe is a 75 years old woman living in Lake Elsinore, CA. She is a widowed lesbian who lost her partner of 50 years 5 years ago. Currently, Crista lives by herself in a modest one story cottage style home. Crista retired at the age of 65 as a records administrator. She was employed by the State of California. She chose retirement at 65 so that she could be a fulltime caregiver for her ailing wife at the time. Now that Crista has reached her later years, she enjoys gardening and being a member of the Reptile Society. However, Crista’s physical disabilities have kept her from gardening as frequently as she would like and from being an active member (one that goes to road shows and schools educating the public about reptiles) of the Reptile Society. Crista does not relate to her younger and only surviving family member. She has little to no relationship with her nephew because she never had a good relationship with her nephew’s mother (her sister) growing up. As a result of her failing relationship with her sister she distanced herself from her and her nephew. Crista is the younger of two sisters. Her sisters were 15 and 16 years older than she, both have passed away. Historical change that impacted Crista’s life was WWII. Crista was born and raised in Germany during WWII. She never saw daylight until she was five years old because she and her family lived in underground bunkers and could only come out during nightfall. Her dad was a Nazi army sergeant in Germany. He did not want his position or role in the army but felt that he had no choice but to serve. Crista’s dad and family were Mormons but out of fear of death they never revealed their beliefs to officials. At the age of 5, frequent bombings from the allied forces during the day forced Crista to run out of her bunker. She vividly remembers an American pilot flying low and looking at her then firing. At the time she was able to get cover but debris flying from the air caused by the firing left her scathed. As a result from the attack; she received a back injury and partial hearing loss. Soon after the attack, her dad surrendered to allied forces and was executed. After the war ended, Crista entered into adolescence and along with her mom, and sisters left Germany to live in the U.S. Crista says she had little to no socialization when she lived in Germany. She felt that her socialization process began in her adolescence in the U.S. However she encountered problems at school with students and staff. When she entered High School she dropped out soon after because she was angry. She was angry about the way history books retold stories about the war and how others believed it without question. Crista said, â€Å"The books did not paint an accurate picture as to what happened in the war. I know it because I lived in it†. Crista had an unstable home life due to her mother’s inability to keep a job and support her financially. Crista ended up living with the older sister she got along with and began taking dance lessons to alleviate the pain from her back issues. During this time Crista was able to develop friendships with other dancers. Health challenges Crista has encountered includes spinal injury, a broken hip, and hearing loss. Crista states that her health challenges have been a combination of both environment and age. Her spinal injury has gotten worse and her hip although healed from its break 4 years ago still does not work like it used to. Crista says that her spine, hip, and overall health has deteriorated more since her wife died. As a result of her health issues Crista now gets around using two canes in the house and a walker when she’s out on the street. The last thing Crista anticipates in this stage of her life is death. She says she senses that her end is coming soon. Crista has not experienced any changes in her living arrangements over the last five years. She says she does not plan on making any either. Crista does admit that she has some problems keeping up with the housekeeping but says she’s fine and does not want anyone’s help. Crista says, â€Å"I should be able to do all the things around this house myself, I do not need anybody and I am keeping it that way.† Crista’s has negative feelings about getting older. She says her deteriorating health has taken her away from accomplishing the things that she wants to accomplish and from the things she enjoys. Crista says she feels sad and depressed a lot of her time. Crista believes that her life experiences in Germany have really contributed to her wisdom. She believes that her experiences in Germany taught her how to keep on living and survive. She feels that her life experiences with her wife of 50 years really contributed towards her gaining wisdom about love. Crista’s one piece of advice that she would like to share about aging, â€Å"Life is beautiful, but health has major effects on being able to enjoy that beauty†. Crista explains that aging is not bad. Rather, it is the complications that accompany it that make it difficult. Activity Theory and Crista Activity theory views older adults as being most satisfied if they are able to remain in their social roles (Whitbourne Whitbourne, 2014). Essentially under this theory, successful aging equals’ active aging and activity is shown through maintaining active roles in society (Whitbourne Whitbourne, 2014). This theory suggests that older adults should be given as many opportunities as possible to be engaged with work, family and community to encounter higher levels of life satisfaction (Whitbourne Whitbourne, 2014). Crista does not fit all the criteria for successful aging under activity theory because her social roles have lessened not from lack of desire but from lack of physical mobility and deaths of family members. Crista’s familial social roles are non –existent due to the deaths of her sisters, mother, and lack of communication with her estranged nephew. Crista’s social ties with work have been cut since retirement. On the other hand, Crista is successfully aging under activity theory profile because she has a part-time role in the Reptile Society and she is active with taking care of her home. Crista feels sad and depressed a lot of the time because she has lost some of her mobility and stamina for doing the things she once loved. Under activity theory it would be assumed that Crista has lost a major source of her identity due to losing her social roles such as work and family (Whitbourne Whitbourne, 2014). Her deteriorating health has prohibited her from reengaging in new work roles. She is not engaged socially with family since she lost her life partner and family. Activity theory explains her joy with staying connected with the Reptile Society and her feelings for being sad and depressed because of her lack of engagement in the roles of work and family. Disengagement Theory and Crista Disengagement theory states that normal and natural evolution of life causes older adults to purposefully loosen their social ties (Whitbourne Whitbourne, 2014). This type of natural detachment is not just inevitable but desirable (Whitbourne Whitbourne, 2014). The theory asserts that aging is accompanied by a mutual withdrawal process of the individual and society (Whitbourne Whitbourne, 2014). Crista did not purposefully loosen her social ties. Her physical disabilities have altered her ability to stay as socially active as she would like with the Reptile Society. Her personal social ties to family have been cut due to familial death and to assert that she has cut her nephew off due to her age would be an incorrect assertion because there was never a true social connection or relationship she had with him. Under the approach of disengagement theory retirement and isolation from family members are sought out for higher levels of being (Whitbourne Whitbourne, 2014). A lot of the time Crista is sad and depressed. Successful aging under disengagement theory states that Crista should be having a higher level of well-being due to disengagement. However considering her circumstances, she is not experiencing a higher level of well-being. Furthermore, disengagement theory does not explain Crista’s current engagement with community through participating as a part- time membe r with the Reptile society. Disengagement theory should add that older adults do still desire to be active yet it is their physical limitations and family related deaths that contribute towards the disengaging process. The disengagement process therefore is not sought out by the individual nor does it make them more content it’s a natural evolution that occurs due to life events. Conclusion There are triumphs and challenges that accompany aging. Crista’s story shows that throughout her life course, she has found both adversity and happiness and they have shaped her into the independent and head strong lady that she is today. As Crista has entered her later years her health and social ties have influenced and the impacted her feelings of satisfaction with life. Crista fits the criteria set for satisfaction/ dissatisfaction under activity theory. Conversely, disengagement theory does not explain her current level of being. Understanding the different theoretical perspectives mentioned in this article can help one make sense of their distinctive life journey and in some situations, it may be possible that this knowledge can be used to help improve ones’ present-day circumstances. References Hutchinson, E. D. (2010). A life course perspective. Retrieved from Whitbourne, S.K., Whitbourne, S.B. (2014). Adult development and aging: Biopsychosocial perspectives (5th ed.) Hoboken, NJ Wiley.

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Comparing Fahrenheit 451 and Modern American Society :: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays

Fahrenheit 451: Similarities to American Society Fahrenheit 451 is a science fiction book that still reflects to our current world. Bradbury does a nice job predicting what the world would be like in the future; the future for his time period and for ours as well. The society Bradbury describes is, in many ways, like the one we are living in now. We are always demanding more advanced machinery, and from the past, we have grown into a much more technological society. Lately, more and more people not only want more technology, they want them to be quicker. Things such as quicker computers, quicker connections to the internet, better cell phone connections, pagers, cars with more power, voice mail, palm pilots, etc. are in greater demand. People don't want to waste time anymore. We want things done quicker without as much effort. We want things to take less time to do them so we can have more time for other things. Their society is exactly like ours. Besides having advanced technological machines, they also have much larger speed limits, so people could get where they want a lot faster. Clarisse and Montag make it obvious to the reader that they live in a fast-paced world when they first meet each other. Before Clarisse runs into her house, they notice how fast drivers go that they "'don't know what grass is, or flowers because they never see them slowly,' she said. 'If you showed a driver a green blur, Oh yes! he'd say, that's grass! A pink blur! That's a rose garden! White blurs are houses. Brown blurs are cows. My uncle drove slowly on a highway once. He drove forty miles an hour and they jailed him for two days'"(9). Their speed limit is so high that everything that they see seems like blurs. They never see objects; they only see colors. Our speed limit isn't as high as theirs is, but people usually go much faster than the speed limit is. Another reason their society reflects the one we live in is that the people there are becoming more and more violent towards each other. Clarisse tells Montag that she's "afraid of children my own age. They kill each other... Six of my friends have been shot in the last year alone. Ten of them died in car wrecks. I'm afraid of them and they don't like me because I'm afraid" (30).

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Rescue Of Susanna :: essays research papers

The Rescue of Susanna 								 In the story of Susanna in the New Testament of the Bible many valuable lessons are learned. The story begins by describing the wife of a man named Joakim, the beautiful Susanna. She had been taught according to the law of Moses and was very righteous. Because her husband was very rich the two elders who were appointed judges often were often there and anyone with a lawsuit came to them there. Susanna would spend the long afternoons in the large garden adjacent to the house. The two elders sometimes watched her and they both secretly began to desire her. Their minds turned from what was holy and they only thought of her. They later developed a plan so that they could lie with her, sneaking into the garden when she was bathing, they threatened to testify that there was a young man in there with her if she did not lie with them. Being the self respecting woman that she was she answered, "I am hemmed in on every side. For if I do this thing, it is death for me; and if I do not, I s hall not escape your hands. I choose not to do it and to fall into your hands, rather than to sin in the sight of the Lord." When the servants hear about this they are very surprised because nothing like this has ever been said of her before however they trust their elders and listen to them. As Susanna is being carried to her death God hears her prayers and aroused the hold spirit of a young lad named Daniel. Daniel pointed out the weaknesses in the two elder’s stories and the Jews rose against them. This story is memorable for several reasons. One is the fact that Susanna doesn’t give in to the elders’ requests even when they threatened her life and her reputation. She has impressive faith in God and trusts him to make everything right. Another reason this story is memorable is how Daniel risked his own life by standing up against the elders to defend a woman whom he did not even know. His faith in God is also very impressive. There are many lessons which can be taken from this story, some more obvious than others. One that plays an important role in our society today is the rule that one is innocent until proven guilty.

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Decision Making at the Top: The All Star Essay

Sunru Yong prepared this case solely as a basis for class discussion and not as an endorsement, a source of primary data, or an illustration of effective or ineffective management. This case, though based on real events, is fictionalized, and any resemblance to actual persons or entities is coincidental. There are occasional references to actual companies in the narration. Copyright  © 2008 President and Fellows of Harvard College. To order copies or request permission to reproduce materials, call 1-800-545-7685, write Harvard Business Publishing, Boston, MA 02163, or go to This publication may not be digitized, photocopied, or otherwise reproduced, posted, or transmitted, without the permission of Harvard Business School. M I C H A E L B E E R S U N R U Y O N G TerraCog Global Positioning Systems: Conflict and Communication on Project Aerial Emma Richardson squinted at the TerraCog GPS (Global Positioning System) prototype in her hand. She zoomed in until the display showed a clearer satellite photo of the lake 200 feet in front of her and into which her Labrador had already happily bounded. Most weekends, Richardson made the hike to the lake to clear her mind and, on occasion, to test new GPS models from her employer, TerraCog, Inc. Unfortunately, with the â€Å"Project Aerial† launch meeting scheduled for the next day, it was difficult to enjoy this particular hike. Emma wondered how to get all parties to reach an agreement on the price point for Aerial. TerraCog had started losing share to a competitor, Posthaste, and it was imperative to get the new product to market. Arriving at the lake, Richardson gave in to the urge to check her phone and grimaced as she noticed two new voicemails. The first message was from Allen  Roth, the director of design & development (see Exhibits 1 and 2 for an organizational chart and brief biographies of key managers): â€Å"Emma, it’s Allen. Listen, Tony and I have been over these cost numbers on Aerial. We cut all that we could and we ended up with only a 7% or 8% reduction to cost. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will get us to the price point that Sales is looking for. But I don’t need to remind you that we gave Sales the features and functionality they wanted in Aerial, so I’m not going back now to ask my team to do the impossible. We’ll hash it out tomorrow, but I figured it best you hear it from me.† The second message was from her boss, Richard Fiero, the company president: â€Å"Emma, I wanted to check on Aerial. I heard grumbling from Ed and the sales team on Friday. They seemed frustrated with Tony Barren’s production team. Make sure Production has its act together. Tony should know he’s on thin ice after the recent production fiasco on that sonar project-he’s got to succeed on Aerial. We need to have Aerial on shelves at the start of Q3. Some board members are worried, so Aerial will be near the top of the agenda at the board meeting next month.† 2184 A P R I L 1 1 , 2 0 0 8 For the exclusive use of B. Shi This document is authorized for use only by Bixi Shi in Organizational Behavior- Fall 2014 taught by Elaine Wong University of California – Riverside from October 2014 to December 2014. 2184 | TerraCog Global Positioning Systems: Conflict and Communication on Project Aerial 2 BRIEFCASES | HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL Neither message was encouraging. The Aerial meeting the next day, involving  the sales, design & development, and production departments, was now guaranteed to be contentious. It was March 2008-only two months since Richardson had been promoted to executive vice president. Fiero had tasked her with moving TerraCog toward greater operational alignment and increasing cross-departmental cooperation. Richardson had already been tested by both inventory problems and quality issues, which had led to significant tension between the U.S. headquarters in Chicago and the production team in Shenzhen, China. Now, disagreement over the proposed price point for Aerial threatened to derail the launch of the prototype in her hand. Company and Industry History TerraCog was a privately held company specializing in high-quality Global Positioning System (GPS) and fishing sonar equipment. Founded in 1977, TerraCog got its start manufacturing high-end sonar equipment for serious sport fishermen and boaters. In the late 1990s, the company had introduced its first GPS products, marketed specifically to hunters, hikers, and campers. Management believed that it was the company’s skill at translating retailer and user feedback into exceptional product design and functionality that fueled the growth of its GPS business. Through attentive channel management and, as Fiero put it, â€Å"a deep understanding of what specialty retailers needed,† TerraCog had developed strong relationships with its key accounts. Fiero also believed that TerraCog’s grasp of its consumers’ preferences and usage had given it an edge over GPS manufacturers whose core business was in automotive applications. The firm had built its GPS line for the serious outdoor enthusiasts’ market, and the products had won plaudits for durability and value-added features like the integrated compass and barometric altimeter. Moreover, industry reports indicated that the TerraCog GPS outperformed competing products on navigation. TerraCog’s proprietary firmware-a custom computer program embedded into hardware that â€Å"ran† functions-optimized the GPS chipset’s Wide Area Augmentation System  capability, which provided more precise navigation. The company was not always first to market. In fact, TerraCog had found it was free to lag in technological innovation with little risk because, when the company finally introduced new products, they surpassed those of competitors in addressing customer needs. Customer word-of-mouth recommendations had given TerraCog strong momentum with its handheld GPS. In early 2007, TerraCog prepared to enter new, underserved GPS sub-markets, including cycling and fitness applications. â€Å"Google Earthâ„ ¢ for your GPS† At the Summer 2006 Outdoor Retailer Show-the biggest trade show for vendors of outdoor goods-a competitor, Posthaste, had unveiled a GPS prototype called â€Å"BirdsI† that displayed satellite imagery. The imagery was not live, but rather static satellite photographs that had been â€Å"stitched† into a single view. This was a marked improvement on the simple, vector-based graphics used by the rest of the industry (see Exhibit 3 for a comparison). This did not impress the TerraCog team. The imagery was crisp and had a certain visual appeal, but TerraCog’s research showed that BirdsI technology did not offer substantive performance improvement over the standard maps in TerraCog’s GPS system. Furthermore, the TerraCog team was convinced that Posthaste’s receiver lagged TerraCog’s product in both accuracy and reception quality. While the TerraCog team dismissed the Posthaste concept, a number of key buyers and product reviewers found it an exciting innovation. One magazine reviewer observed, â€Å"Imagine having For the exclusive use of B. Shi This document is authorized for use only by Bixi Shi in Organizational Behavior- Fall 2014 taught by Elaine Wong University of California – Riverside from October 2014 to December 2014. TerraCog Global Positioning Systems: Conflict and Communication on Project Aerial | 2184 HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL | BRIEFCASES 3 Google Earthâ„ ¢ built into your GPS-it’s much more compelling to look at an actual satellite image than to have yellow for land, blue blobs for water, and grey squiggles for roads.† Based on the buzz, TerraCog’s executives debated whether to upgrade to satellite imagery. However, they realized that adding the feature to the existing GPS platform required upgrades to processor speed and memory, as well as new firmware. After some deliberation, the company dropped the idea as a non-essential fad. TerraCog’s management remained confident that the company’s core customers were discerning purchasers who would value durability and performance over dressed-up graphics. In October 2006, with much fanfare, Posthaste introduced BirdsI as â€Å"the only handheld GPS with satellite imagery.† BirdsI had an exclusive launch at two major national outdoor retailers, both of which were key accounts for TerraCog. Within two months, TerraCog’s sales representatives in the field reported impressive sell-through rates for BirdsI nationwide. While the product’s success surprised TerraCog, management attributed it to the ebullience of the holiday shopping season. The TerraCog team was confident that the popularity of BirdsI wouldn’t last. Project Aerial However, by spring 2007 TerraCog’s sales reps were noticing increasing customer demand for a GPS with satellite imagery like BirdsI. Ed Pryor, vice-president of sales, began pressing for a reversal of the decision not to develop the product. â€Å"It’s embarrassing to have no answers for our retailers when they ask for our version of this,† he said. â€Å"Look at it from our perspective. We’ve changed the compensation plan for the whole Sales team-including me-so we take a real hit if we don’t reach our sales targets. Customers now want something different, and I can’t tell my reps we have no  plans to develop the product they need to hit those targets.† In response to these repeated requests, TerraCog’s president, Richard Fiero, changed his mind on satellite imagery, if only to satisfy the â€Å"gadget† appeal of such an innovation. The initiative was dubbed Project Aerial. In order to speed development and avoid the costs of new moldings and major reconfiguration, the team decided to redesign within the existing GPS platform. Shortly after making the decision to proceed with Aerial, Fiero and Pryor met with Allen Roth, director of design & development. Roth brought his key managers to the meeting: Cory Wu, who oversaw software and firmware, and Alice Gorga, who managed hardware design. RICHARD FIERO: Allen, we’re obviously in a hurry to get to market. But we don’t want something slapped together – let’s make sure we get this product completely right the first time. Our reputation for quality is paramount. ALLEN ROTH: Understood. Are we including all the same features that we have in our current GPS line? ED PRYOR: Yes. We plan to offer Aerial at approximately a $50 retail premium to the current top- of-the-line GPS, so it’s important to maintain the same high-end functionality. ALLEN ROTH: What about speed? Satellite imagery requires a lot of processing power, so without some serious juicing, Aerial might run slower than you’d like. ED PRYOR: I think we’ll be okay there, Allen. Our consumers are tech-savvy-they know there’s an inherent trade-off to get more sophisticated graphics. As the meeting ended, Roth indicated that they would have to do some careful planning to keep costs as low as possible, but he was sure the product design could be completed by year’s end. At that point, they could hand it off to production to develop detailed cost estimates, which would allow the  sales team, in consultation with finance, to determine pricing and develop a go-to-market plan. For the exclusive use of B. Shi This document is authorized for use only by Bixi Shi in Organizational Behavior- Fall 2014 taught by Elaine Wong University of California – Riverside from October 2014 to December 2014. 2184 | TerraCog Global Positioning Systems: Conflict and Communication on Project Aerial 4 BRIEFCASES | HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL Given the manufacturing lead-time, TerraCog expected to get Aerial to stores by the 2008 holiday season (see Exhibit 4 for timeline of events). The product development team members did not greet the Aerial decision with enthusiasm. First, they felt that a redesign of the total platform-including firmware, external case, internal components, and TFT (thin-film transistor) display-was feasible if management could extend time to market by six more months; the resulting product would be superior and the project would be more stimulating technically to the team members. Second, they had several other ideas for new products that they believed would position TerraCog to capitalize on growth in cycling and fitness GPS applications, and Project Aerial was forcing them to put aside these more exciting projects. Finally, with company co-founder Harold Whistler preparing for retirement, Roth was eager to prove his readiness to be the next VP of design & development. The Aerial project impeded his building of a product line he could truly call his own. Aerial Pre-Launch Meeting As promised, the design team completed Aerial by the end of 2007. Late in January 2008, the production team received the design specifications it  needed to establish production methods, conduct a pilot run, and estimate costs. As the new executive vice president, Emma Richardson was tasked with overseeing the product launch. She scheduled a launch meeting in early March with sales, production, and design & development. In the past, Fiero and Whistler had been very involved in new products and tended to make quick decisions. TerraCog’s growth forced Fiero to take a step back from the launch process, while Whistler had cut back to part-time hours. There were many more employees involved in Aerial than in past product launches, and Richardson worried that the size of the group might threaten the focus and thwart decision making. She needed to finalize decisions on costs, pricing, and initial production volume. At the start of the pre-launch meeting on March 7, Richardson looked down the table, seeing Ed Pryor, Allen Roth, production director Tony Barren, Cory Wu representing software and firmware, and Alice Gorga representing hardware. Richardson opened the meeting by asking Barren to present his cost estimates. Barren looked around grimly and did not mince words: â€Å"This thing’s expensive to build. It looks the same, but Aerial’s got higher-end components and it’s more complex to manufacture.† He gave a high-level overview of product-cost breakdown and concluded by saying, â€Å"I’ll be blunt. You’re going to have to sell this product for a lot more than you thought. If anything, we have been too aggressive in our cost estimate. We can’t lower it beyond what I’ve presented.† ED PRYOR: I know you think your estimates are sound, but that isn’t going to help us. With these numbers, we would have to sell Aerial for $550 to maintain our margin. We’d be two years late to market with a price point $100 over BirdsI. CORY WU: Tony, those cost estimates are surprisingly high. We tweaked the firmware without overhauling it, so it’s basically the same components. It doesn’t seem justified that the costs should come out as you say. ALICE GORGA: I’m not sure, Cory. Those costs look realistic, given how my  team upgraded the hardware. Sales probably just needs to reconsider how to position this thing. I think – ED PRYOR: Wait, are we here to talk about positioning or pricing? Fiero and I already figured out how we’ll position the product, so let’s just get the pricing straightened out. For the exclusive use of B. Shi This document is authorized for use only by Bixi Shi in Organizational Behavior- Fall 2014 taught by Elaine Wong University of California – Riverside from October 2014 to December 2014. TerraCog Global Positioning Systems: Conflict and Communication on Project Aerial | 2184 HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL | BRIEFCASES 5 TONY BARREN: Well, we don’t perform miracles. The cost won’t change, and I’m not going to cut corners in production. I had my head handed to me the last time we had quality issues. ED PRYOR: Allen, your designers must be able to tweak something, right? Hate to say it, but maybe you guys need to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to solve this problem. ALLEN ROTH: Ed, we’re well into a couple of other projects now. Frankly, I don’t think this is Sales’ call to make. We already put other projects on hold for Aerial, and we’ve given you what you requested. The discussion continued, but it became clear the group was at an impasse. Richardson suggested ending the meeting: â€Å"Why don’t we wrap it up for now and meet again next week? In the meantime Tony and the Design team should look for opportunities to cut these costs.† As the meeting adjourned, Pryor announced to the room, â€Å"If we can’t lower these costs and fix the finances on Aerial, I can’t sell it. I won’t try.† Resumption of Aerial Pre-Launch Meeting One Week Later Roth and Barren had spent much of the intervening week reviewing the cost estimates. When the team re-gathered on March 14, the participants seated themselves around the conference table (see Exhibit 5 for a seating chart). Becky Timmons, the CFO, was in attendance. At the last minute, Harold Whistler also decided to join the meeting. As Emma Richardson passed out copies of the new cost estimates, she explained that Roth and Barren had agreed to make minor changes to the Aerial prototype, and that they now felt it could be produced for approximately 8% less than the prior week’s estimate. On this basis, the Aerial could be priced at $475, about $100 more than the current full-featured TerraCog GPS. A long silence followed, then Cory Wu spoke up. â€Å"Eight percent-that’s all? I don’t understand it. I’d like to know where the differences lie between our costs and PostHaste’s on BirdsI. There’s got to be room for more cuts.† Barren snorted derisively. â€Å"You can’t wish away the costs,† he said. â€Å"We’ve cut what we can. Last time we got pressured into being too aggressive on cost estimates and then we got burned when the price of plastic went through the roof. I’m not making that mistake again.† Allen Roth concurred, pointing to the drivers of the cost increase: â€Å"Incorporating the satellite imagery requires five times as much memory as our standard graphics. That increases cost-but if you cut it, you undermine Aerial’s value proposition. Then we also did some reconfiguration internally, and that increases the labor required to put one of these together.† He paused, surveying the frustrated faces around him. â€Å"I don’t like the situation any more than the rest of you do, but we’ve got to be realistic. Look at the numbers in front of you-there’s nothing we can do to further reduce costs.† As everyone scrutinized the new cost estimates, the meeting broke into several conversations. Ed Pryor and Richardson huddled together, while Allen Roth and Tony Barren carried on a conversation with Harold Whistler. After several minutes, Richardson realized she needed to get the discussion back on track. She addressed the entire group, saying, â€Å"We have the estimates, so we just have to set a price that makes sense for the company. What do you think, Ed?† ED PRYOR: We have to consider the selling price of the Aerial relative to competition. Posthaste is selling at around $250 to dealers, which means they retail for around $400. Garmin just announced For the exclusive use of B. Shi This document is authorized for use only by Bixi Shi in Organizational Behavior- Fall 2014 taught by Elaine Wong University of California – Riverside from October 2014 to December 2014. 2184 | TerraCog Global Positioning Systems: Conflict and Communication on Project Aerial 6 BRIEFCASES | HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL their satellite-image version, which will hit shelves at somewhere around $395 MSRP. You all are talking about $475 retail, and that’s too high. We have to be in the ball park with our list price or we’ll be shut out of the game. EMMA RICHARDSON: What should list price be? ED PRYOR: $425 tops-but we should be lower than that if we are going to be aggressive at recapturing lost share. Let’s not kid ourselves. The way we’re trending, same-store sales will be down 10% this year. And this is with the GPS handheld market growing. HAROLD WHISTLER: What if we relax our margin requirements for once? BECKY TIMMONS: Absolutely not. We’re cutting it close already. HAROLD WHISTLER: Okay, then how about a redesign? Let’s go to market with what we have, and I’ll have my team take another look at possible changes that we can incorporate later. ALLEN ROTH: I’m afraid that’s wishful thinking, Harold. Given the product requirements the sales team called for, the cost is as low as it will get. CORY WU: I don’t know about that. The changes we made to meet sales’ requirements were not enormous. Why would they contribute to such a large increase in projected labor costs? TONY BARREN: Cory, you and Harold can run the numbers for yourself. Then you’ll see that these high costs are real. BECKY TIMMONS: I’d still feel more comfortable if we could price it at $500 retail. With fuel costs still rising, the cost to get these here from Shenzhen will only increase, and we run the risk of our margins really getting squeezed. ED PRYOR: Becky, you don’t understand how competitive this market is! Even at $475, why would anyone give us shelf space? We are late to market and we’d be pricing at a substantial premium. And is the product superior enough to justify that premium? I’ve been trying out our prototypes and I’m concerned about the speed. The update speed is terrible, and switching between functions is just – ALLEN ROTH: Come on, don’t start talking speed now. We were clear from the start that we would trade some speed to get new functionality and features. ED PRYOR: Well, my sales managers are going to be fuming. Fiero told them  Aerial would be available at $400, and now you are talking about a minimum of $75 more than that. I still want to see Cory or Harold take a crack at reducing unit cost. Emma Richardson took a deep breath. The company needed a â€Å"go/no-go† decision on the existing Aerial, and whether to do so at a competitive price in the hope that costs might be cut in the future, or at a high price. She wondered fleetingly what the consequences might be if the company abandoned Aerial altogether. As things stood, the arguments and finger-pointing were bound to continue, and the group would never come to a decision on its own.

Martin Kuther King

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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

1 I. How to Recognize Plagiarism1 Overview In order to avoid plagiarism, you essential regress credit when You social function some other(a) mortals conceptions, thought processs, or theories. You use f operates, statistics, graphics, drawings, music, etc. , or both(prenominal) other fount of in airation that does not comprise common knowledge. You use quotations from another(prenominal) persons spoken or write word of honor. You iterate another persons spoken or written word. 1 Begin the makeup a exactly by stating your desires then go venture to the authors origina l work. Use quotation label and credit the source (author) when you copy consider wording.Use your sustain words (paraphrase) or else of copy directly when possible. Even when you paraphrase another authors writings, you moldiness give credit to that author. If the form of citation and reference atomic number 18 not correct, the attri only whenion to the original author is apt(predicate) to be inc omplete. T here(predicate)fore, improper use of fl ar stinker result in plagiarism. piddle a style manual and use it. 2 II. Formula for an show Basic al unneuroticy, the writing expected of students in college is of one type that can be used for any disciplines. This hand proscribed generally focuses on the basic, conventional nature of the college aim leaven and its components.THIS IS THE litigate & ITS PRODUCTS 1. BRAINSTORM Write down whatsoever comes to mind more or less the melodic theme. 2. A. A. consultation tie This is the first convict of the opening split which catches the commentators attention, an attentiongetting article of faith. 3. BACKGROUND SENTENCES These atomic number 18 the fourth dimensions that provide emphasise information about the subject and act to narrow the focus, on that level offby introducing the dissertation. 4. dissertation This is the strong belief that expresses the main(prenominal) idea of the make-up. **A thesis whi tethorn change as the essay matures. ** 5. createread SENTENCES (2-3 declares) Proof sentences support and install the validity of the thesis. It helps to use a proof sentence as the opening sentence in each body paragraph. In each paragraph, a minimum of four sentences should be written supporting the case sentence. ) EXAMPLE SAMPLE TOPIC The regard as of a college program line. BRAINSTORMING better subcontract enrichment more than founder wider outlook AUDIENCE ATTRACTOR higher self-esteem masses all over the world waste for an knowledge. 3 BACKGROUND 1. In the past, legion(predicate) individuals did not view as access to an teaching. 2. narration reveals legion(predicate) were forced to perform low-income, manual sweat while others reaped the benefits of life. dissertationToday, a person needs a college education in order to be financially made in a technologically keen world. PROOF/SUPPORT SENTENCES The author whitethorn compose 2-3 proof sentences dep ratiocination on whether the essay is to be 4 or 5 paragraphs. The model used here includes 2 proof sentences for a 4 paragraph essay. 1. fosterage is a necessity for legitimate high-paying jobs. 2. In addition, advanced technology, identical computers, makes college level training essential. take down dissertation and proof/support sentences can be combined into a single thesis statement which advances the main idea and sketches the accord of the roof/support of that thesis. EXAMPLE Today, a person needs a college education even to start certain high-paying jobs and to be able to use advanced technology in the workplace. OPENING paragraph A. A. muckle all over the world want for an education. BACKGROUND In the past, many individuals did not overhear access to an education. History reveals many were forced to perform low-income, manual labor while others reaped the benefits of life. dissertation Today, a person needs a college education in order to be financially successfu l in a technologically advanced world.PROOF (SUPPORT) SENTENCES Education is a prerequisite for certain high-paying jobs. In addition, advanced technology, like computers, makes college level training essential. **PROOF SENTENCES CAN BE PLACED BEFORE OR after THE THESIS. ** 4 FIRST physical structure PARAGRAPH FIRST PROOF SENTENCE REWRITTEN The pay scale for certain jobs is based on how much education the employee has. ( flat, add four or more sentences to support this idea. ) minute of arc BODY PARAGRAPH punt PROOF SENTENCE REWRITTEN Be apparent motion of computers, sophisticated communications systems, and other technological advances, a general education whitethorn not be complete for some of todays jobs. Again, add four or more sentences to support this idea. ) ratiocination The polish can be the thesis rewritten and the proof sentences rewritten. Stating ones opinion adds a personal touch. In the close one should never put out new material. A culmination usually summa rizes or re-emphasizes what has already been discussed in the paper. 5 III. musical composition the Five Paragraph test INTRODUCTION Motivator, an attention grabbing sentence Children hand over many things to learn and to adjust to as they grow up including the awareness of the part of their bodies. Thesis (Main Idea)Children often do clownish things. Blueprint They are often pleasing in knowledge to speak, in discovering that all objects do not have tender-hearted characteristics, and in attempting to imitate others. Often, the thesis and designing can be combined into a single thesis sentence which advances a main idea and sketches the arrangement of the lucubrate which support that main idea (thesis). BODY (SUPPORT & DEVELOPMENT) FIRST CENTRAL PARAGRAPH national Sentence particular proposition bread and butter Children are often humorous in learning to speak. My daughter Betsy, mistook old tomato for ultimatum. SECOND CENTRAL PARAGRAPH paper Sentence Specific gestate Specific Support Specific Support Children humanize the objects around them. A psychologist says children rap balls and chairs as though the things were conscious. When I was a child, I thought the sun was out to get me. Betsy ordered her shoes to develop the stairs. THIRD CENTRAL PARAGRAPH Topic Sentence Specific Support Specific Support Children attempt to imitate what they see. They place like their parents. My daughter imitated a panorama a visiting child threw. CONCLUSION Reworded Thesis Clincher Children are funny remark creatures to watch. A reminder of the motivator which states that children have a lot of learning and adjusting to do. ) 6 IV. Writing the single Paragraph Essay A PARAGRAPH is a radical of sentences that are combined to make a point. Sentences must be tied together in a relationship that gives means to the whole. Every ONE-PARAGRAPH ESSAY must block up three main parts main idea (topic sentence) support for the main idea closing that feels like an end ing of import desire can be turn out is outlay discussing A main(prenominal) root word must have a topic and offer an opinion about the topic. It must be provable, maybe in more than one way.It must be something worth discussing. TOPIC My first grade instructor OPINION influenced my career choice. A sentence that states only a subject, or topic, cannot be a main idea. WITHOUT AN OPINIONATED arguing, there is nonentity to PROVE OR ARGUE, nothing worth discussing. NOT A of import IDEA My first grade instructor was old. A MAIN IDEA without a TOPIC and an OPINION makes a paltry foundation for an ESSAY. 7 A NOTE ON in the flesh(predicate) AND IMPERSONAL piece of writing Some main ideas and some essays are about bulk and events in our own lives. They are derived from the writers personal experiences.The writer is conspicuously featured in this kind of writing. PERSONAL MAIN IDEA-My first grade teacher influenced my career choice. Other MAIN IDEAS do not deal directly with the writer. They are about people, things, and ideas that the writer is thinking about, but they have not necessarily been experience by the writer personally. IMPERSONAL MAIN IDEA -Cold weather was the cause of the Challenger disaster. SUPPORTING THE MAIN IDEA The main idea states what the writer believes to be true. Once the writer has stated a main idea, he or she must prove that the main idea is plausible. This is through with SUPPORTING IDEAS.Without supporting ideas, there is no paragraph there is only a statement of the writers view or besides his or her opinion. SUPPORTING EVIDENCE can be of many types, including any or all of the following physical descriptions stories (narrative) examples comparisons watchword or analysis of cause and forcefulness discussion or analysis of a process definitions division of a grouping into smaller ones statistical evidence quotations from authorities logical and reasonable arguments THE CLOSING OR CONCLUSION Every one-paragraph essay has an effectual closing, something that makes the reader feel that the writer is finished.It top executive be one of the following a summary or restatement of the main idea a destination that can be drawn from the proof stated the repeat of a key phrase from the outset of the work a particularly stiff supporting detail that feels like an ending 8 V. Writing a trade good Three Point Thesis A thesis is 1. The basic stand you take. 2. Your opinion on a subject. 3. The point you make. 4. The exacting idea. 5. The directing statement of your paper. PERSUADE THE lecturer THAT YOUR THESIS IS VALID. GENERAL SUBJECT Education LIMITED SUBJECT prof XTHESIS STATEMENT Professor X is an clunky teacher. (Your break up is to back up the statement, to persuade the reader). A THESIS IS NOT A TITLE. OR AN resolve. TITLE The Fad of Divorce THESIS STATEMENT Too many people get divorced for trivial reasons. ANNOUNCEMENT My subject is the incompetence of Professor X. THESIS STATEMENT Profess or X is an incompetent teacher. A THESIS IS NOT A STATEMENT OF ABSOLUTE FACT. A good thesis is restricted. A thesis limits or restricts your subject. A thesis keeps the paper from planetal over too great a territory.The more restricted the thesis, the better the chances are for supporting it fully. A replete(p) THESIS IS UNIFIED. It expresses ONE MAJOR IDEA about its subject. A good thesis may sometimes include a collateral idea if it is strictly subordinated to the major one, but without that subordination the writer leave alone have too many ideas to handle. A GOOD THESIS IS SPECIFIC. A GOOD three POINT THESIS STATEMENT Professor X is an incompetent teacher because he grades unfairly, gives tests on materials not covered in his courses, and enjoys threatening students with failing grades. 9 VI. Writing a Good Conclusion ? ? ? ? The conclusion brings the essay to completion and gives the reader a sense of windup. The conclusion is memorable the writer saves something interes ting for the end. The conclusion reminds readers of the thesis or restates it in different words. The conclusion provides a truncated but well-worded analysis of the point of the paper. The conclusion ends with a distinctive sentence it may be a hapless sentence it may be an particularly well-worded or thoughtful sentence it may be an image that stays with the readers. net Strategies cobblers last by reflecting on the impressiveness or implications of your thesis. displace with a call to action. jam Baldwin calls for an end to the injustices of racism in his conclusion to Notes of a Native Son One must never, in ones own life, pay these injustices as commonplace but must fight them with all ones strength. (102) End with a hook. Refer back to an idea, image, or brain with which you began your essay. This gives your readers a satisfying sense of closure like a circle approach path round. If, for example, you start an essay with a brief story about your mothers kind-hearted ness, you can refer back to her kindness in your conclusion.Brian Courtney uses a hook from his championship Freedom from Choice when he uses the word choose twice in his conclusion. End with a vivid image or picture that reinforces your thesis and helps readers feel what you mean. End with a quotation that reinforces your thesis in a memorable way. End with a question that leaves readers pondering the significance of your essay. In her essay Television and Free Time, Marie Winn argues that television set programs what a child experiences. Her last sentence is, When, then, is he going to live his historical life? (Winn 155) End by crack a solution to a business your essay concerns.End by striking a note of reasonable hope that a problem or an issue forget get better. End with a prophecy that logically follows from your thesis and evidence. 10 Conclusions to debar ? ? Avoid the one-sentence or very gyp conclusion. Like the one-sentence introduction, the one-sentence conclusi on suggests there may be something wrong with the structure of your paper. The conclusion has a real purpose. It is the place where you should rate your evidence. In your conclusion you should tell your reader what the evidence means-what insights you draw from your paper.Avoid merely summarizing your paper or restating your thesis. The summary ending is a cliche that is so overused it seems amateurish. Avoid employ an overused phrase, such as In conclusion or To sum up. Try to be original. Avoid drawing attention to yourself instead of drawing attention to your point Now that I have reached the end of this time-consuming paper Avoid raising any new or irrelevant subjects in the conclusion. By using effective titles, introductions, and conclusions, you pass on engage your audience more fully-you will help them pay attention to your thesis and supporting evidence.