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Reseach Paper on Chronic Diabetic Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Reseach on Chronic Diabetic - Research Paper Example Type  2 diabetes was found to be controlled by providing medications. Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are  chronic conditions which are not possible to be cured completely. It is characterized by disruptions in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein in the body (Bilotta, 2008, p.236). There are two primary forms of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes - If a person has Type 1 diabetes his body will not make insulin on its own. It occurs in any individual and is treated by taking dosage of insulin shots daily or by an insulin pump. The patients need to maintain a regulated diet plan. Type 2 diabetes – This is the commonest form of diabetes. If a patient suffers from Type 2 diabetes, his body will show resistance to insulin. Type 2 diabetes is semi curable in nature. It is often hereditary in nature and occurs mainly in people who are above 40. Type 2 diabetes can be treated with proper exercise and weight (National Kidney Foundation, 2007, p.4). Physical i nactivity or a sedentary lifestyle can also lead to Type 2 diabetes (STEWART, 2005, p.196). Pathophysiology and assessment of the disease Diabetes mellitus (DM) or simply diabetes results from either insulin deficiency or the resistance to endogenous insulin. This deficiency in insulin compromises with the access of the body tissues to essential nutrients (Bilotta, 2008, p. 236). All forms of the disease increases the risk that can lead to long-term complications. These symptoms typically show after several years like almost after 10 to 20 years but it can be seen as the first form of the symptom in the patient who was otherwise not diagnosed before. The common symptoms of diabetes are polyuria, polyphagia, weight loss, fatigue etc. The complications that can arise out of these symptoms include cardio vascular diseases, blindness or retinopathy, nephropathy, cognitive depression, hyperglycemia etc. While assessing the symptoms for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, the physicians can check for symptoms like frequent urination, dehydration, dry mucous membrane, rapid weight loss and increased hunger, nocturnal diarrhea and many more. For Type 1, the symptoms can be develop rapidly while for Type 2, it can be drawn by studying the family history, severe forms of viral infection etc. The physical symptoms seen in case of the diabetic patients can be in the form of changes seen in the legs and feet, muscle wasting, reduced reflexes in the deep tendons of the bones, cataract formation etc (Bilotta, 2008, p.237). Chronic Diabetes harming the kidneys in human body Diabetes can cause severe damage to the kidneys by damaging the blood vessels of the kidney. The filtering sections in the kidney are lined with minute blood vessels. With the passage of time, high sugar level found in the patient’s blood can make the blood vessels to turn narrow and thus clogged. Without getting enough blood, the kidneys tend to be damaged and albumin which is a protein made within the hum an body are passed through these filters which settle in the urine. This is a critical situation as this occurrence of albumin in the urine of the patient is not a very healthy condition (National Kidney Foundation, 2007, p.7). Kidney damage can also harm the nerves in the patient’s body. Nerves of the human body carry messages that are transmitted between the brain and the rest other parts of the body that also includes the urinary bladder.

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