Friday, October 18, 2019

Intercultural communication in the film Hotel Rwanda Essay

Intercultural communication in the film Hotel Rwanda - Essay Example The film stages the relationship between the protagonist of the movie, Paul, the manager of the local hotel and Colonel Oliver, the peace keeper of the United Nations. The character of the colonel is portrayed as the character that had to bear the shame of the failure of the international agency to intervene peace in the locality of Rwanda. Paul is portrayed as a personal with exceptional leadership quality thathas the ability to make significant decisions at crucial times. Paul is found to deliver a speech in the movie at a time where the conflict has reached its height. In the speech he urges the victims to seek for help from any source they have to save their extinction. He also continues with the speech and let the refugees know that his hotel can no longer provide shelter to them. Throughout the scene in which Paul delivers his speech he depicts a strong body language and the voice of tone suggests the concern he has for the victims. His posture reflected the confidence which he wanted to spread among the people over there. Paul exhibits partial open and closed form of communication throughout his speech delivery. Paul’s performance was quite symbolic in the scenes where he shivers during driving over dead bodies in the city. The movie successfully depicts the relationship which was there in the period of crisis between the Rwandans and the white Americans. In the movie Paul was portrayed as a character that had strong qualities of interpersonal communication.

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