Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Using APA Style Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Using APA Style - Assignment Example ticular work would be helpful to me in future research because libraries could, ideally, play a huge part in alleviating issues of illiteracy and contribute to helping to close that achievement gap. Since much of my focus is in relation to public library systems this piece fits in nicely to see how libraries could make a difference and be perceived as a contributing service. This article was essentially a review of the reports of how the public libraries in England scored in a government endorsed inspection reports. It was used to determine if the policies implemented have benefited, hindered, or had no effect on the public libraries. It gives a clear listing of what qualifies a particular library as a good library, as well as, in turn, an understanding of what identifies a bad one.(Higgins, 2005) This article is interesting because it explains how other countries conduct their policies and administrations as it relates to the quality of their public libraries. What others attempt can be a wonderful indicator of what you might wish to emulate, or perhaps not ever duplicate. This book discusses how there are some unique changes occurring in the fields of public policy and administration. In this case it is a trend toward modern progressive values into public administration. The work focuses on areas including description of progressive values, the different ideologies behind those values, and how to evaluate the existing policies and make beneficial and constructive changes.(Box, 2008) I consider this a potentially valuable source, primarily, because it covers issues that may be wholly relevant to future policies and the individuals who make them. That perspective is quite relevant and inevitably useful to me in further

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