Sunday, September 22, 2019

Comparative Research Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Comparative Research Paper - Assignment Example alyze the process of evolution, specifically when one is concerned about the behavioral changes and physiological responses of an organism to the variable evolutionary stressors. Thus, two main factors that are of interest in this discussion are the role of ecology and the adaptability. Ecology is defined as the combination of biota and abiotic features that are prevalent in a habitat. Thus, the distribution of a particular species population is determined by the environmental conditions of a particular place. For instance polar bears are only found in the snowcapped regions of polar area, similarly thermophiles are found near hydrothermal vents deep in the oceans. Naturally, all the organisms have the capacity to adapt to the varying environmental stressor, however, to what limit they can adapt varies. Adaptation can be carried out different levels, it may be due to a minor change in the behavior of an organism, or it may be due to alterations or mutations at the genomic level. In t his regard species or organisms that have the capacity to sustain the changes are considered to have an advantage in the strict competition (Martin, 1990). Plesiadapiformes are sometimes also considered as the mammals of archaic age; they are considered to be lagging behind the modern primates of today on the basis evolutionary characterization; however, they share a great degree of similarity with the primates of today, especially when there skeletons are compared. Plesiadaiformes are regarded as tree dwellers, however, they lacked the ability of fast locomotion like jumping and leaping, which is commonly found in the present day primates. Further, the fossil records of Plesiadapiformes show that their brain size was smaller than the primates of today, therefore, there behavior and the capacity to respond to stimuli was limited (Stanford, Allen, & Anton, 2012). Adapids are considered as the ancestors of lemurs, they were lower diurnal primates with a herbivore appetite. Fossil

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