Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Technical-rational approaches to organisation have little relevance to Coursework

Technical-rational approaches to organisation have little relevance to managers in the current business environment. Discuss - Coursework Example The technical-rational approach to organizations is the process of reducing actual practices to a set of particular competencies and revising and practicing them regularly for the purpose of learning and assessment. A technical-rational approach to organization identifies core competencies and then tries to build an environment supporting exchange of knowledge and a system that can measure performance and ensure quality. Technical-rational approach is a part of the classical school and scientific management and is often regarded as the bureaucratic organization studies. It is called so because people in organizations have a defined set of tasks and responsibilities. Moreover, organizations also have hierarchical structures of reporting in the classical approach, which means that employees report to one another and can also have management responsibilities. Each organization have their own set of rules and procedures for the completion of tasks, and the position of all the employees d epends on their abilities and are judged on merit. Another important aspect of technical-rational approach to organizational studies is that all the employees are supposed to act in an impartial and unemotional manner with the well-being and goal fulfilment acting as the motivation. The economic growth along with increasing number of organizations also resulted in increasing the technical-rational approaches towards organization. As organizations continued to grow and expand in all directions, the number of jobs also increased as well as the requirement for specialized people expert in a single particular area. While the technical-rational approach to organizations gained tremendous popularity, it also had a number of disadvantages with a major one being the fact that employees would not be as effective if they perceive the rules and procedures as

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