Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Ethics in Business Today Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ethics in Business Today - Essay Example Along with this, ethics also helps in reducing employee turnover thereby enhancing the range of efficiency, if maintained properly. Therefore, from the above points, it might be revealed that ethics acts as the catalyst that helps the business to enhance its dominance and supremacy in the market among other existing rival players. So, ethics is extremely essential for any business organization, operating in current scenario. Other than this, ethical policies and behaviors help an organization or business to attract more investors that might enhance the share prices to a significant extent among other rival players. Side by side ethics also helps in recruiting experienced and skilled employees within the organization that may prove effective in enhancing the total productivity of the organization. Thus, recruitment of talented staffs helps in development of varied types of inventive products and services for its customers thereby satisfying their changing needs and demands. This might help an organization in enhancing its brand value and loyalty within the minds of the target customers. As a result, its level of sustainability might get enhanced significantly. Consequently, ethics also helps in enhancing the inner morale of the employees so as to cope up with the inconveniences in turbulent situations. As a result of such type of inner confidence and willpower of the employees, the organization might become able to tackle the effects of the tough situations thereby retaining its previous image and values. However, this might be possible only if cooperation and team work might be maintained among all the members of the organization. Thus, it might be revealed that ethics is that type of inner psychology that might help an organization to develop a strong image and may also destroy its portfolio in the market among others (Plastin, 2013). Other than this, ethical decision making within an organization also helps in enhancing employee growth and their performance t owards the assigned duties and responsibilities. Due to which, the organization might become able to fulfill its target objectives and goals, which is extremely essential for any organization in this era. As a result, the organization might enhance its level of dominance within the market that may reduce the intensity of the new entrants to enter the segment. Along with this, the level of distinctiveness of the organization might also get enhanced thereby amplifying its output and profitability by a significant extent. As a result, the position and reputation of the organization might get improved in this aggressive market among other operating rivals. Hence, according to me ethics is important for any organization or a business for the following reasons presented below: Employee commitment Employee Growth Investor and stakeholders loyalty and commitment Improvement of the confidence power of the shareholders Improvement of the level of customer satisfaction Improvement in the relat ionship with the stakeholders Enhancement of the productivity of the organization Improvement of the level of performance Improvement of revenues and profit margin Improvement of reputation and image of the organizati

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