Thursday, August 8, 2019

Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 20

Analysis - Essay Example The theory of the New Deal is presented in this section to denote the various changes that were made in the labour industry at the time. There was widespread unemployment, poor working conditions and human suffering in society at the time. Her approach to such issues are presented in these letters where she is famed for having devised a solution to most of the issues presented (Johnson 24-2). She spearheaded the enactment of the government social security system that ensured equal rights for the unemployed, the aged and the dependent in society. This led to a reduction in human suffering among members of society who were unable to take care of themselves. Most of the New Deal accomplishments that were related to labor were attributed to her unending effort (Johnson 24-2). Her approach to human suffering is notable in these readings through her intervention in the issue of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. She placed humanitarian needs at the forefront because she believed human lives were to be preserved. At the height of the Nazi killings in Germany, she developed New Deals for Jewish refugees that involved quick assimilation into the United States through the Department of Immigration (Johnson 24-2). She worked hand in hand with the Roosevelt administration to start an era of New Deals in American Society. This document handles the issues of wealth distribution that was presented by Huey Long, a former Louisiana governor and United States Senator in the 1930s. Long is known to have presented elaborate speeches over the radio and some of these are presented in this document as he speaks to the members of the Share our Wealth Society. In this speech, Long advocates for the redistribution of wealth in society through the use of sharply graduated incomes and inheritance taxes ((Johnson 24-3). His radical ideas led to an improvement in public health and public education programs in the

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