Sunday, August 11, 2019

ODE Solver and Optimization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

ODE Solver and Optimization - Essay Example Lately engineers have developed new algorithm design capable of reducing these damages due to earthquake in tall buildings. The new structures control techniques such as passive control system, active control system and semi active control system giving special importance on improvement of wind and seismic responses of buildings and bridges. The advantage of passive control systems is that it doesn’t require any power supply. Active control systems require external power supply and operate based on sensors which are attached within the structures (Attard, 2007). The new algorithm design is able to minimize potential damages out of control with tall story buildings. The algorithm is set through a gradient-based optimization approach that simultaneously controls all inter-story displacements in nonlinearly degrading buildings made of metal like steel. One key component of this algorithm lies on the use of optimal vicious dampers. The methodology and computation of the optimal damping ratios are done for each mode of vibration in a way that the sum of the errors between the inter-story displacements and the new calculated using the algorithm method is minimized. To find the size and location of the damper devices, a representative damping formulation is used where the members of the buildings are assumed to reduce exponentially according to a formulation of algorithm based model behavior of the strain property of hardened materials. The sensitive experiments of the algorithm design using different types of the story buildings show remarkable a bility of the model to reduce the errors in tall buildings. For example a ten story building and eight story were evaluated which showed that building were able to respond at significant higher modes of vibration. In the 8 story building, the vibrations are significantly reduced. However some modes remained over-damped with some remaining marginally damaged. For the 20-story, the algorithm is applied in

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