Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The giver Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The giver - Essay Example For instance, to add a love angle to the movie, the age of Jonas is elated to 18 years instead to 12 which transform the lens through which the society is viewed. Furthermore, there are significant contrasts in the ending of both the book and the novel, which accrued enough criticism. However, these are the apparent contrasts while many other inherent contrasts will be revealed in the paper. Therefore, the paper aims at exploring how the gist and theme of the books and its movie adaptation have been kept intact whilst adding various contrasts to both. The first contrast which changes the entire outlook of movie from what the movie had predicted is that the movie leaves out the essence of the Jonas character by readily jumping to the part where he is being prepared to receive the memory. In the book, there are chapters (around nine) dedicated to breathe in the look and feel of the utopian community where the rules and laws are explained over how deeply they impact Jonas. However, the movie simplifies this aspect by stating that rules and customs in the utopian community are somewhat strict. Therefore, the book tends to explicate the principles regarding classless society, government control, respect for elders, and conformity to values with more intensity. In instances where Jonas seems to deviate by the rules, the sense of shame can be sensed by the readers, an element missing in the movie. Furthermore, the movie also deviates from the essence of what comprises a perfect or an imperfect society, since the movie puts the entire bu rden of imperfection with respect to the sameness of the community on the elders. In other words, the movie merely leaves an impact where the audience tends to view the elders as the villains of the story i.e. the reasons behind the utopian community being flawed. However, in the book, one can feel the impact of belief systems and the inherent values where the joys and

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