Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Organizational learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organizational learning - Essay Example It is suggested that â€Å"organizations should operate themselves as experimenting or self-designing and should maintain themselves in a state of frequent, nearly continuous change in structures, processes, domains, goals, etc., even in the face of apparent optimal adaptation. This view takes into account how learning is achieved but does not consider the individual learner. Some organizations go through major changes more frequently than others, particularly when they are new entrants into an industry and in the so called learning stage. This is perfectly acceptable and even expected. However, there comes a time when new organizations settle into processes and procedures that have been perfected or improved over time. After having gone through numerous changes, there are individuals who may not be able to withstand or go through many more changes. They may believe that the current procedures are highly effective and do not need to be changed. They might become restless, irritable or most importantly, resistant to further change. For some learners, there is a limit to how much learning and behavioral change that can be processed within a certain time frame. Much of this depends on the individual learning style and specific characteristics of the learner. Huber’s assertion rests on the assumption that for an organization to behave as though it is in a constant state of change, all those within the organization who must attain some type of learning will always be open to new information or ideas.

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