Friday, August 9, 2019

Care Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Care Analysis - Essay Example He lives in a rented house with his mother. He has no siblings, and all his close relatives live over 150 miles away. The family relocated after the divorce of his parents. His father has a history of mental illness (type of illness unknown), and his mother has cited domestic violence being the major factor in their marriage breakdown. Joshua has not seen his father since December 2007. The separation/divorce was believed to have been very acrimonious . Hence the family relocating north by 150 miles. Joshua and his mother have no contact with the paternal family, and only limited contact with his mother’s family. Joshua’s mother used to be a manager of a day nursery. But since Joshua’s illness, she has had to give up work, and become his carer. They have currently been turned down for DLA (Disability Living Allowance), due to Joshua, occasionally being able to walk home from school (note that school is only 2 minutes walk away). This highlights the fluctuations in his condition, some days he is unable to move and others he can just about get by. Joshu’s mother is appealing against the decision. Currently they are struggling financially , and they are also isolated from their family, and their normal family activities have been dramatically affected. Currently he is on reduced timetable at school (timetable was negotiated with specialist nurse and senco and Joshua and mother). Whilst at school, he has the option of going into a quiet room, to get some rest. Initially this was the library but it was found that this still had too much stimulus around (eg, bright lights, and the disturbance from the hustle/bustle of students).People involved in his care are (specialist CFS/ME nurse, consultant,

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